Posted on August 10, 2020 at 12:42 pm

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Zaman Khan & Priya Banerjee’s musical magic!

Zaman Khan and Priya Banerjee are all set to collaborate and blow our minds every week with their magical voices

Musical collaboration always ends up creating magic and who doesn’t get excited about magic. This time musician Zaman Khan and actress Priya Banerjee are all set to create the magic. Zaman Khan is known for his euphonious voice and Priya Banerjee for her excellent performances. But what we don’t know is that Priya Banerjee has got a soulful voice and Zaman Khan for his keen eye for talent.

Zaman Khan said, “I just loved the whole idea of collaborating with Priya Banerjee, I still remember the first time when we did an Instagram live session together, and it was so much fun. Since then, we made sure that we are going to collaborate and release a few of our songs. And as the Indian music industry has produced millions of songs but trusts me, I’ll still say that 90s had the best music releases, be it those romantic Bollywood ballads or those unplugged original songs by indie-pop artists. Hence, we are going to focus upon the 90s with a pinch of some old retro melodies”.

Priya Banerjee also talked about their plans with this collaboration,” Initially, we were thinking of doing something new with songs that he has written, then we realized that people would connect more to old songs, the songs they already know. And we also have made a list of songs that we can release one song every week like a Saturday or Sunday. First, we want to see how people like going with one song a week. We are going to record and rehearse on the phone only as we can’t meet. Hopefully, if we get a good response to it, then we’ll surely go for a single”.

The first song they released is Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaye which was released on Sunday on their social media platforms. The song is already getting good response from their fans and as always these two are winning our hearts. We are super excited to know what would be coming up next.

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