Posted on July 30, 2020 at 11:02 pm

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Zainab Haya Pasha Releases Debut Single “Baarish”

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Zainab Haya Pasha Releases Debut Single “Baarish” – An Ode to the Monsoon.

Baarish by Zainab Haya Pasha
Baarish by Zainab Haya Pasha

Zainab Haya Pasha is a singer/songwriter hailing from Islamabad. She’s just released her debut single called “Baarish”, a beautiful melodic ode to the ongoing monsoon season. Written and composed by Zainab, the relaxing song is complimented by an enchanting video released on her Youtube channel.

Zainab Haya Pasha
Zainab Haya Pasha

I started singing before I started talking. My family, friends, and loved ones have always supported and encouraged me to pursue my dreams. It is because of all that and my passion for music that I finally released my first ever single, Baarish.” expresses Zainab.

Another reason why it’s special is because it’s about the rain. The song speaks for itself but just to explain it a little more, it’s about my love for rain, and how it soothes my soul. It’s about how anything associated with rainy weather, makes me happier than I could possibly imagine.” she goes on to say.

Ali Ashraf carried out the music direction of the track, while Shamsher Rana mixed and mastered it. Marya Javed, the music video director, has beautifully brought the song to life. “Baarish” has been released by Echo Records which is an independent record label based out of Islamabad, helping aspiring musicians with great voices to reach wider audiences through their music.

Zainab Haya Pasha is also planning to release more music in 2020. 


Watch the ‘Baarish video here.

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