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Premz Brings the Heat With His Brand New Album Titled Indian Summer!

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Premz Basks in the Glory of His Brand New Album Titled Indian Summer!

Music is one tough industry, the constant grind to stay relevant and the ever-increasing competition from genre to genre. I’ve been following the British Asian music scene since Apache Indian, Bally Sagoo and Rishi Rich ruled the roost. Over time I noticed a slight drop in the quality of music coming out of Asian Britain, hardcore Punjabi tracks became watered down drum-beats far from the authenticity the motherlands had to offer, meaningful rap became a showoff contest. If you ask me things were slightly bleak for the Asian Brits and it saddened me to the core. 
Then it all began to change, about a year back I got a chance to work with TazZz and Premz on an article for their upcoming features Closure Sun Zara. I was familiar with TazZz at the time but it was the first time I came across Premz as an artist. I was really excited, Premz had a different spark all together! I knew the track had so much potential at the time, and I for one was excited to see what Premz had in store for the future.  Premz then returned with Jalsa and that track blew up and I’m glad it did. It was a true masterpiece. A few singles later and we received his E.P Reign of the Raja. I believe that this was a serious game-changer for the Urban Desi scene. I marveled at the E.P for a really long time, it’s still one of the favorites on the playlist.
As if the hype would end there, the skilled Rap Genius came back even harder with his brand new album INDIAN SUMMER. I am truly lost for words with this offering from Premz. It’s a dynamic multicultural masterpiece, he’s changed the British Asian Scene, breathing life into it once again. The appropriately named Indian Summer certainly brings the heat. A touch of afro-swing, blending in samples of forever loved Bollywood tracks, with lyrics touching strongly on his desi roots. 

I wanted to create something that reflected me – Premz on Indian Summer

Premz, to me, had created an entirely new era of British Asian Rap. Lyrically the album feels intense and authentic. He stepped away from the crowd to create a unique sound. While Reign of the Raja felt slightly experimental at the time, Indian Summer oozes certainty, creativity, as well as confidence and shows off Premz growth as an artist. It’s always the second album that has artists a little puzzled, while most fail to deliver with their second offering Premz came back harder with Indian Summer an undoubted crowd pleaser. 

He’s carved a niche for himself altogether, in fact, I’d call him a trendsetter as well as a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Tracks like Glory and Jeevan Jeene truly standout. The choice of collaborations, Jagga, Ayo Beats and Wavy Boy Smith add a dynamic and multicultural flare to a piece of work that feels quited rooted in South Asia, despite coming straightout of britain. It’s certainly nice to see authentic and independent artists coming out of Britain once again! 

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