Posted on March 5, 2019 at 10:58 am

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South Africa: Armand Joubert and His Song Burning Fire Brings Endless Heat

Armand Joubert’s New Music Video : Burning Fire has us SCREAMING!

South Africa: Musician Armand Joubert and His New Song Burning Fire Brings Endless Heat

South Africa: Musician Armand Joubert just released a new music video called Burning Fire. It is bringing all sorts of FLAMES! The former The Voice SA contestant is well-known for his incredible vocals! Armand is more than just a vocal talent though. He has such a creative soul that leaves fans wanting more! The aesthetic behind this musician is truly so pleasing!

His style, his vocal range and amazingly aesthetic music videos keeps us wanting to replay every single video and song on our playlist. If you have not replayed an Armand Joubert jam, then you have the wrong playlist! Time to jump on the Joubert Train! There is no stopping this amazing musician and we are here for it!

Above all, the release had us all excited to see what Armand had in store for us! The beat behind the song has fans moving their hips and finding dance moves that they never knew they had! I would know, I could not stop dancing while playing Burning Fire! Not only is the beat so original and bringing a fist bumping hype, the vocal range is INSANE!!!

Armand‘s vocal range is a blessing to our ears. The video was filled with so many aesthetically pleasing looks. The manner in which Armand and his co-stars were styled and the venue was truly giving us flames. The lyrics are of a love song nature with the beats bringing us endless happy feet. Big Ups on the diversity in the video. Co-stars brought the heat with their choreography, how about the body contortionist moves! We all wish we could move that way right?

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The choreography was so damn good. The style and videography was captured so creatively. The use of flowers, mirror images and body/ face paint kept us in awe! Truly a music video worth watching, plus the song keeps us on repeat! Definitely adding Burning Fire to my morning playlist. There is no better way to start the day.

Be sure to check out the music video below! Follow Armand to explore more killer hits to add to your playlist!

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