Posted on February 24, 2019 at 1:03 pm

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EXCLUSIVE : K Zie – UK’s Next Rising Star With Killer Vocals

K Zie – UK’s Next Rising Star !

EXCLUSIVE : K Zie - UK's Next Rising Star With Killer Vocals

UK has met its match with a new rising star by the name of K Zie! K Zie is a singer, songwriter and model based in the UK! He has recently released The Chaiyya Chaiyya Mash-up. The classic Bollywood hit Song Chaiyya Chaiyya composed by A R Rahman. It includes some of K Zie‘s favourite songs. Songs such as Tip Toe sung by Jason Derulo and bollywood smash single Nashe Si Chadh Gayi.

The Mash-up has been produced in a very current but simplistic manner giving all the songs used in the mash-up a new fresh twist. Above all, K Zie‘s hit ‘Make You Mine’ featuring Rekha is worth the replay! His vocal range is amazing on the track. The combination of beats and eastern vibes is so refreshing! He brings in culture and gives us such a proud feeling. One thing I admire is an artist that celebrates his routes in a Western world!

K Zies remix release is pure fire! The way in which he was able to incorporate so many classical songs in a mash-up is pure talent. I felt as if I was listening to my own playlist all in one song! How creative! Vocal range, beat , song combination PURE GOLD! One thing is for sure, this man is pure talent and being a model, his good looks surely does keep the fans wanting more!

Furthermore, Could K Zie be the next rising star? We know it! The creativity behind his work speaks for itself. He portrays exactly what the industry needs and more! He surely has not taken his talent or eastern soul for granted and for that, we are so proud! So what can we expect next ?

The next few projects for K Zie are with, awarding winning producer VEE MUSIC. In addition to this he will also be releasing a blockbuster hit in early 2019 with India’s award winning music director Harry Anand both releasing on T series.

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