Posted on September 10, 2018 at 6:12 am

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Neha Bhasin: The Industry Needs People Like Meet Brothers And Others, To Take The Non-Film Music Banner Forward

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We recently caught up with singer Neha Bhasin and spoke to her about her recently released single Main Jaandiyaan.

Neha Bhasin
Neha Bhasin

Neha Bhasin spoke about how she came on board, independent music in India and lots more. Read on to know it all:

1. How did you come aboard for Main Jaandiyaan?
I think my voice suited the song. We (Meet Bros and me) wanted to do a collaboration for a while whether it was in a film or non-film, and we recorded this song and we loved it, and then Heeriye happened in Race 3, then we decided to make a single. So they were launching a new record label/channel called MBMusic, and under this – this was the fourth, actually we were supposed to release this long back but I was working and then something or the other was happening. That’s how the song happened.

2. Tell us about your wish to be a part of the music video
I was supposed to be part of the (music) video, but they went ahead and shot this and they were supposed to insert me as like the narrator and then we all collectively decided that video already aacha lag raha hai there’s no need for me. In fact, I feel there was no need for me in the video.

3. Any memorable experience that you’d like to share while you were recording the song
Actually, the song itself is so beautiful that- jab gaana aacha hota hai toh you enjoy recording it. So the memory of the song is nice, because believe me there are some unpleasant songs and their memories are not very pleasant, and you want to run away and not sing them. And definitely this wasn’t one of those songs, this was one of those songs wherein you live the song, you enjoy it, you breathe it. For me, I’m a very sensitive person, and music is very important for me, so when a song, its tune and lyrics speak to me my job becomes easier.

4. What do you have to say about the song already garnering over 2 million views?
I think it is great. I think it is a good day for non-film music because it’s not easy for non-film music to get views very easily. I know that because I’ve been doing digital media for years. The industry needs people like Meet Brothers and me and others, to take the non-film music banner forward. It’s a good day, jab numbers hote hai, other collaborators will come, they’ll put money behind the music and we all know we need money to promote music. So this will definitely encourage people to do more non-film music. Also it’s a slow song – to get so many views is even better.

5. What do you have to say about the state of singles/non-film music in our country?
They are loved, they just don’t have an industry. I think people love them.

I think there are people who will actually, if it was a proper industry for non-film music, subscribe to it more than film music. If you remember the 90s, people used to buy albums. When I was in Diva, our albums sold more than that of Devdas, this is 2002, but it was promoted. I think the problem today is the focus is shifted completely to Bollywood and hence Bollywood music. So till that does not segregate and this is not a parallel industry which is as strong, it will never happen.

6. What’s next?
There’s lots coming up but you will have to just wait.

In case you haven’t heard the song yet, check it out here:

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