Posted on July 2, 2018 at 8:28 am

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HRVY: I Would Love To Work With Ariana Grande

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UrbanAsian got a chance to interview Harvey Leigh Cantwell – who’s pretty well known by his stage name HRVY. While taking to us, we asked him about his latest song Hasta Leugo and the challenge associated with it, his inspirations, plans and lots more.

Harvey Leigh Cantwell aka HRVY talks about his latest song Hasta Leugo

Read on to know all HRVY has to talk about:

What was the thought behind Hasta Leugo?
I just wanted to create a song that reminded people of summer and that made them dance and I thought having a Latin flavour in it helped make that happen

Was #HastaLeugoChallenge your idea?
It was actually my team’s idea, which I loved. I then added some things to it, but my team is great because they help me come up with ideas to make things even more exciting.

Do you have days when you don’t feel inspired enough? How do you deal with them?
Yes! All the time. I think everyone gets those days, I think you have to let it go. Not every day you’re going to feel inspired. Just try and turn it around.

A song which is annoying and shouldn’t be termed as a ‘track’…
Hahahaha I couldn’t answer that. I think every song serves a purpose of being a track, but there are annoying ones 😉


When did you find out music is your calling?
When I was a 4, I couldn’t stop listening to music and dancing around.

One international music singer/artist you want to collaborate with…
So many people I’d love to work with, I mean Ariana Grande would be one because she’s an incredible artist and vocalist

How was your trip to India in Feb 2018?
AMAZING. The Indian culture is so beautiful and the people are so nice, the fans were crazy in a good way. And the trip was just incredible, I can’t wait to be back

What’s next?
Recording in the studio for the next few weeks! Tour in the UK and Europe and America! And then hopefully back to India very soon.

Incase you haven’t heard HRVY’s Hasta Leugo yet, give it a listen here:

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