Posted on March 5, 2018 at 6:41 pm

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Lady Kash launches her debut single “I Told You So”!

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Lady Kash launches her debut single “I Told You So”!

After a decade of delivering hits for cinema, the versatile rapper Lady Kash debuts original single “I Told You So”.

Having refocused on creating her own records, the songwriter channels the perseverance and self-belief of an independent female artiste.
In the hip-hop track, the listener is taken on a lyrically driven journey injected with confident affirmations. Roping in Canadian music producers Steve Cliff Valentine and Kirishan Suresh, the audio production process took place in Toronto, where the music video was also filmed.

“I knew I had to infuse Carnatic vocals to the song as I kept hearing it in my head during the songwriting process, ” says Lady Kash, who featured Divya Vivekanandan to do just that.

The track was released by the artiste’s label AKASHIK on major digital platforms on 22 February 2018. One can also watch the music video on 27 February at the label’s youtube channel.

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