Posted on December 15, 2017 at 1:56 pm

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Rossh: I Am Very Self-Critical  

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After ‘Chillam’, Rossh is back with another song titled ‘Stuff’. In an interview with Urban Asian, Rossh talks about his latest track, his inspirations and a lot more.


What was the inspiration behind this song?
I have always believed in doing unique things. So the inspiration came from my inner self for some unique lyrics and concepts. I also listen to Wiz Khalifa a lot, his music also inspires me.

How important is the music video for a song? Do you feel it’s necessary to make a song a hit?
Definitely yes. With visuals people relate more to the song.

There are many rappers who have become popular in the last few years. How are you different from them?
I don’t try to copy or make usual concepts. I try to stick to what I am within.

Will you sing for Hindi films? Have you been offered to sing for Hindi films?
I will definitely sing when offered.

Do you feel this is a great time for rappers? Also, do you think this great time might not last forever?
This is a great time for artists who are producing unique stuff. If you keep on doing it, sky is the limit. Your time can ever end.


Are you very self-critical?
Very much. Sometimes I make 10 versions for a same track then listen to it in my car 100 times and then finalise one.

What are your upcoming projects?
Upcoming projects will be targeting Bollywood and very unique music.

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