Posted on November 16, 2017 at 10:10 pm

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Mr. Bolly And Chhaya Invite You To The Circus!

Mr. Bolly (Bharat Kapoor) has always captures a unique sound for his music.  His musical journey began at age 15 – and there has been no looking back since!  He has performed worldwide in cities like New York, Toronto, London, Mumbai, Zurich and Montréal.  Mr. Bolly is an urban fusion artist who focuses on rap, R&B, and pop genres.  He is an expert in blending Eastern and Western styles.  His music reflects the influence of East Coast Hip Hop with East Indian culture.  Mr. Bolly enjoys performing, and turns the stage into his playground.  As an artist, his goal is to motivate the crowd and to engage them with the music and message he portrays.  His first single off “The Ringmaster” EP (via La Chapelle Records) reflects that notion.  It is a party anthem called, “We Came To Party,” and features the talented singer, Chhaya!

Mr. Bolly is the first ‘ringmaster’ to mix hip-hop into a circus act. He hopes to change the way people think about the Circus and Hip Hop.  Chhaya too joins the Circus by adding a very colorful texture to the song, inviting people to open up their eyes and to enjoy the party of their lives!

“When La Chapelle Records approached me [Mr. Bolly] with the idea of becoming the ringmaster of their Circus, it made me very excited cause it allowed me to take Rap and Hip Hop and introduce it to the Circus Genre. I truly felt it was the right path for Mr. Bolly and what I was trying to achieve artistically. There is nothing better than a challenge to help an artist to create and be innovative.” – Mr. Bolly

As such, Mr. Bolly is treating the opportunity as a real chance to change viewpoints.  He wants to teach the public that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.  He has thought of music as beyond just a profession.  It is his passion and life.  So, Mr. Bolly is thrilled to capture and bring to life the important role of a ringmaster.

Elaborately dressed with a top hat and a multi-colored tuxedo, the ringmaster enters the center stage. With a commanding presence and boisterous voice, he begins the prelude to the show. “Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages, get ready for ‘The Bolly Show.” So, step right up! The “Bolly Show” is about to begin! The track is out now on iTunes and all other online music stores via Distribution Select

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