Posted on July 18, 2017 at 3:43 pm

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Rzi Riz presents his debut single “Nachdi Tapdi”

Every day the language of music is changing and it is being introduced to people and they are loving it. Manchester based talent “Rzi Riz” proudly presents his long awaited, debut single “Nachdi Tapdi”. This dance-floor banger is all set to be released through Desipride Records on July 19th,2017.

Lyrics created by Rzi Riz himself and the music from GC Production, the song has created such catchy rhythm and melody that it will get you moving on the dance floor and you won’t want to stop. When talking about his soon to be released song Rzi Riz expresses,

“The aim was to produce something with a UK urbanbhangra party beat whilst still keeping desi roots alive using tumbi, dhol, dholak, drumkit mixed in with western music influences. It’s very much an all-rounder kind of track keeping Bollywood in mind, as practically every film has a Punjabi party song included! This creates something which can be enjoyed by younger and older generations”.

We all know that his new debut single is going to be a hit and we cannot wait any longer because we want it to release now right?! Well, folks to keep you occupied till the release date check out their teaser for the song and get yourself pumped for the chartbuster of the year called “Nachdi Tapdi”.

Please check out the full song as it is all set to be released July 19th,2017 and trust me this is one song you will have on repeat!

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