Posted on February 11, 2017 at 9:53 am

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#EastMeetsWest: La La Land’s “City of Stars” gets a Bollywood makeover!

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Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling starrer La La Land amazed audiences with its brilliant screenplay and peppy tunes. Taking inspiration from the film’s hit track, young Indian-Canadian music composer, Sodhivine has decided to grace the world with an amazing Hindi version of the iconic song from the film, titled “City of Stars.” Sodhivine has collaborated with Indian-Canadian singer, Bhavesh Chauhan and Bangladeshi-American singer, Tanjina Islam for the special track and these artists have aptly titled their version “Sitaaron Ka Sheher.”


“What struck me most about ‘la la land’ was how similar it was to the old style of musicals—having complete songs within the film that really advanced the story. The format reminded me of Bollywood films and that’s where the idea started. It all just happened and it fit together so well with what we had to offer,”

explained Sodhivine

Rendering Glint Films have created the music video for the track, which is essentially a tribute to the film. The video features Sodhivine on the piano along with Chauhan and Rhea Virmani taking on the roles of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, respectively. The couple have even dressed the part with some sweet dance moves from the original as well.

The video has already been viewed thousands of times and it’s been featured on

Even though the film “La La Land” released in December of 2016 it became such an instant hit beating out all other films of the year at the box office and at the award shows. The film tied with “Titanic” for the most Oscar nominations received by a single film at the 89th Academy Awards. It also broke records at the 74th Golden Globe Awards with seven wins, they took home the award for every category the film was nominated in. Take a peek at the original “City of Stars” track.

“Most people would agree, after watching La La Land, you leave the cinema with a very magical experience and I think a lot of creative people are left feeling inspired instantly. The same thing happened to me and on my way home after the movie in my car, while I was listening to the soundtrack, I got that instant rush to get some creativity out. La La Land being a Hollywood musical and myself being a Bollywood fan, it only made sense to me to blend the two together and hope other people would like it too. I got straight to writing the song the same night and was done the by the next morning. The rest of January, I spent planning the video, choreography and composition with my friends,”

quipped singer Bhavesh Chauhan.

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