Posted on February 20, 2017 at 7:32 am

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Channel V Launches Amanda Sodhi’s Debut Release On YouTube

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Channel V is showing a lot of support towards Indian independent music. On 6th February 2017, Amanda Sodhi’s debut Hindi release, ‘Main Khaali’, which features Malvika Subhash Sirur was released through National and Filmfare award winning sound engineer KJ Singh’s music label, Asli Music, and the video was released on Desi Music Entertainment’s (DME) YouTube channel.

Channel V earlier aired Amanda’s English single, ‘Behind My Sunglasses’, an R&B number which received a lot of appreciation, including a tweet from AR Rahman.

‘Main Khaali’ blends electronic and semi-classical elements in a contemporary manner. The song explores the perfect fairy tale that never happens and the idea of setting yourself up for failure when you look for traces of your past in new people you meet.

Enjoy ‘Main Khaali’ right away: