Posted on January 2, 2017 at 4:43 am

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Cassy London Covers (And Slays) Stevie Nicks’ Stand Back

Cassy London, who has been on FIRE as of late dropping tracks off her upcoming EP Wonderland which has already dropped is creating some amazing fire!  You just have to take a listen to her latest ‘Stand Back’


While Cassy London’s golden locks and gloss-slick fuchsia lips are immediately striking, Cassy displays a depth and a warmth that is beyond her years. Her positive energy is infectious and coupled with her outgoing personality and authenticity, she quickly engages with everyone she meets. Her lyrics speak of difficult love, potential bliss, and a mixture of vagueness and vividness that infiltrates real life. Cassy embodies polarities: surface beauty and depth, vulnerability and resilience. She is the girl next door, but possesses elite star quality.

Born and raised in Southern California, Cassy began her musical journey at age six and went on to become a classically trained vocalist. She is known for her unique voice which has been described as a mix of angelic rock and soulful legato.Cassy cites Stevie Nicks, Lady Gaga, Kate Hill & Amy Lee among others as her musical influences. As a songwriter, Cassy has co-written and collaborated with Grammy Award winning artists and producers, in which during that time she developed her own specific style of writing and craft. She maintains that while hitting musical notes is essential, creating emotion and emphasis must truly draw in the listener. As a storyteller whose narrative spans across formats, from song to video and digital media, her story arc compels her audience.

“With all the noise in today’s society, it’s more important now to escape from the world’s constant speed, and to soul search,” she says “music is my way to take that break and dig into the raw creativity I had as a child; that we all had as children.”

While Cassy has always been a performer- whether in musical theatre, singing at Carnegie Hall, or touring, she gained popularity posting covers on Youtube & holding the title as Miss South Orange County in the Miss California pageant. In 2014, she released her first single “Carousel” along with a video that immediately generated buzz and joined the High School Nation tour last year. Her goal is to tour the world while inspiring others to draw on their own unblemished perspective.

“I hope that when people hear my music, they can feel my honesty and vulnerability and can connect in their own way. My goal ‘is to create a space where people can go into themselves and take a break from this crazy yet wonderful life.”

Currently, Cassy is promoting her second single “Wonderland” from her much anticipated EP that will be released this Fall. Her soulful voice emerges above the noise of everyday music and at a solace and innocent outlook that only true experience can afford.

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