Posted on October 2, 2016 at 2:27 am

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"Raatein" from Shivaay showcases softer side of Shivaay!

We’ve seen the adventure side of the Shivaay storyline in earlier song releases and trailers.  However, the latest song release, Raatein, shows a softer side and revolves around magical moments between father and daughter.  Raatein the soft melodious track of Shivaay is a family puller that will pull at your heart strings like none other.  If you don’t believe it, all you have to do is hear the cutest song on the block, Raatein.

Composed and sung by Jasleen Royal in her child like innocent voice, the track will remind you of babies and your own parental bonds. Ajay Devgn’s brief to Jasleen fit in two words: ‘Melody‘ and ‘Innocence‘. Like the rest of the songs in Shivaay, Raatein also takes the story forward and creates the joy of parenting in our hearts. Delicately woven in a tapestry of special joy. The lyrics warms ones heart and memories of time spent well at home in one’s growing years.

Abigail Eames, a young British talent who is being introduced in the film by Ajay Devgn, gives cute a new meaning. Clearly Ajay Devgn the director has had to hunt far and wide for the child actor for Shivaay, but he ended up finding the perfect fit. Abigail is a performer par excellence.  Abigail has made her foray into the world of Big Ticket Hindi cinema with “Shivaay” directed by Ajay Devgn. She was auditioned and shortlisted to be part of the primary cast in October 2015. Chosen amongst more than 200 child actors from across 6 countries including Canada, UK, USA, Germany, Poland and India, Abigail effortlessly landed the part of Shivaay’s daughter in an initial audition.

Ajay Devgn has gone on record amongst his crew members to say that Abigail’s performance in Shivaay is better than his own and any other actor of any age that he has worked with till date. A huge fan of Abigail Eames, Ajay Devgn is delighted to have discovered such a diligent, hardworking and naturally gifted child star.

Abigail is sure to be the standout star from the movie.  Groomed amidst long walks in the seaside town of Worthing where she was born, she shares that she loves to roller skate.  She is a natural and enjoys dancing with The Angmering School of dance, where she has been training since the age of two. She has accomplished great exam results and continues to keep a great balance in academics and serious acting and dancing parts.  Abigail began her foray into TV as a child artiste following her big sister Daniella into acting and joined the agency Mark Jermin management in 2012.  In the short span of 4 years her talent has shown through as she has already appeared in several British TV series “Lawless” May 2013; “The tunnel” May 2013; “Casualty” July 2013; “Thirst pockets advert” Sept 2013; “The Crimson field” Oct 2013; “Harry and Paul” Feb 2014; “The Interceptor” June 2014; “Dr. Who” (In the night of the forest) July/Aug 2014; “Alleycats” March/April 2015; “Mr. Selfridge” April/May 2015.

We cannot wait to see Abigail and Ajay in Shivaay!

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