Posted on August 14, 2016 at 11:48 am

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MUZA is Chasing Love!

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Recording Artist Muza,18, was born in Bangladesh and bred in New York City.  His family came from poverty in his native country – living amongst fellow villagers that dwelled in mud houses.  Everyone had very limited resources to survive – let alone opportunities to create any type of music or art.  His father worked incredibly hard to bring his family to New York & they were able to successfully emigrate to the borough of Queens in early 2002.
With a natural singing talent and the inspiration of the world’s most cultural diverse city, Muza began to practice singing songs at the ripe age of eleven.  He would soon try his hand at writing & began creating full songs as early as thirteen.  Driven by his passion & seemingly endless curiosity, he would go on to learn how to produce his own tracks altogether at the age of fifteen.

With these new opportunities & massive exposure to art & culture in America, Muza drew from a broad range of influences & artists:  From Ne-Yo and Saosin to Linkin Park and EDM – representing a diverse and truly international style.

Muza hopes that his new single & video, “Chasing Love” represents both his journey and his creativity as he asks the listener to consider this:  “What type of love do we all chase?  Is it romantic love? Or is it something equally elusive:  the music, art & true friendships that feed our souls and spirit”.

It’s up to you to decide.

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