Posted on June 13, 2016 at 2:58 am

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#MusicVideo: Hip Hop Indian artist Mili Soch tells you 'Make Her Say'

Desi Hip-Hop as we know it is undergoing a serious reckoning. MILI SOCH is introducing a new sound and interpretation of one of the fastest growing scenes in Desi music. His new track and video ‘Make Her Say’ has the internet buzzing due to its edginess, grit, and originality. Rapping, drumming, twerking and eye-candy galore! From the hard-hitting 808s intertwined with Desi elements to the lyrical schemes and rhythmic flows, rest assured you haven’t heard anything like this before.

Watch the video for ‘MAKE HER SAY’ here:

MILI SOCH is Canada’s answer to the desi hip-hop industry. SOCH is the hindi word for ‘thought’, and is aptly named so as his music is thought-provoking and boundary-breaking. His representation of hip-hop and rap music from a North American approach signifies his authenticity and commitment to the fundamentals of urban music.


Having been in the underground Canadian hip-hop scene for a decade, this video marks Mili Soch’s entrance into the commercial South Asian music world. The Mili Soch sound has been carefully crafted to make desis across the world proud to be at the forefront of urban and fusion music.

The track is produced by fellow Canadian J-RAJ. After the success of his ‘MAAFI’ remix to the popular Justin Bieber song ‘Sorry’, J-Raj has taken the hip-hop sound to India and showcases his repertoire in ‘Make Her Say’.

Upon hearing his remake of the classic Bollywood hit ‘Ole Ole’ and his EDM/Bhangra banger ‘Parra Hoke Nach’, one can easily identify the influence of both eastern and western music styles in his production.


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