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Upcoming Marathi Film: ‘Tujhya Vin Mar Jaavan’ will Make You Fall in Love Again!

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Spring is in the air and it’s the perfect time to fall in love! Director Murali Nallappa and Ashok Karlekar bring to you, Tujhya Vin Mar Javaan, a heartwarming and musically heartening love story that will make anyone fall in love all over again! Tujhya Vin Mar Javaan: Not Just Another Love Story, is a Marathi film that embraces Punjab. It features Vikas Patill, Prarthana Behere, Atul Parchure and Prateeksha Lonkar in the main lead roles. Produced by Pramod Films & One Minute Film Productions, the film has music by Avadhoot Gupte and lyrics by Mandhar Cholkar & Vaibhav Joshi.

The intense chemistry between Aniket and Nisha will take the audience on the unique storytelling journey of their romantic fairy-tale.

tujhya vin mar javaan

Check this out though! The makers of the film will be running a social media contest for the music launch of the film, Tujhya Vin Mar Javaan. The contest is scheduled for April 15, 2015! There will be questions about the music director of the film, Avdhoot Gupte and the film itself. If chosen as the lucky winner then you will get a chance to attend the music launch and meet the star-cast of the film along with Avdhoot Gupte himself.

tujhya vin mar javaan2

There is no love-story without a beautiful soundtrack and the film is definitely going to have a soulful unforgettable album. Gupte has stretched his own talent to take Martahi film music to the next level by bringing two forms of music together, Maharashtrian and Punjabi. What a fusion!

tujhya vin mar javaan3

Also check out the first look of the film

 tujhya vin mar javaan4

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