Posted on March 8, 2015 at 4:01 am

Bollywood Music

Sowmya Raoh releases song to cheer the Indian Cricket Team!

It’s been cricket fever and everyone is in ‘CRICKET’ mode! Bleeding Blue or bleeding a color of their own Cricket TEAM! Who can blame them? Every person has eyes on India and when they play people are up all night in different parts of the world having ‘Cricket’ parties! Yes Cricket Parties! But it wouldn’t be a party without a song to cheer on the team – would it? No! Of course not! Check out this song by singer Sowmya Raoh which showcases support for ‘Men in Blue’ who are playing during the World Cup!

‘Cricket is a religion in India’, is one of the most clichéd adages that one has ever heard. But for artistes like Sowmya Raoh, it is an opportunity not only to showcase talent, but also render whole-hearted support for the ‘Men in Blue’ who are battling it out for the Cricket World Cup. The ‘Dreamum Wakeupum’ singer has composed and sung the song ‘Junoon Hai’ in order to cheer the team on and bring home the glory.

“The word cricket itself is synonymous to the word passion, which means ‘junoon’. So this track was created long ago and this was the right time to release the single. I love cricket, but in between I had lost track of the game. I watched the match between India and Pakistan, and I was on the edge of my seat when they started hitting all over the park. But fortunately we won. I have already made my plans for rest of the games,” she said. When asked to pick her favourite player in the team, she quickly replied, “I like MS Dhoni as he is completely opposite of what I am. I end up getting panicky in circumstances, but Dhoni does things so effortlessly,” she elaborated.

Raoh has worked with a variety of music composers like Shankar Ehsaan Loy, AR Rahman, Vishal Shekhar and many more, and shares an “amazing” rapport with everyone.

“Every composer has a different style of working and expects certain things as a music director. So I gel well with everyone and honestly I have never faced any issues working with anyone,” she added.

It has often been said that tinsel town has more male music composers because maybe, women do not venture into composing owing to dealing with their male counterparts in the wee hours of the morning or night. She, however, disagrees with the explanation,

“Even as a singer, you deal with many men and the recordings happen in the wee hours of the morning or night. So I would not agree with the statement. According to me it is just that not many of them have ventured into music composing. May be they did not think about getting into music composing,” she said signing off.