Posted on February 7, 2015 at 9:04 pm

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Oh No! When Hirani and Kukunoor Came To Support Monali!

Famed singer of ‘Sawar loon…’ Monali Thakur recently shared one of the worst experiences of her life, when her father suffered from a stroke. The singer, being away was completely unaware of the gravity of the situation!


Talking about the phase, Monali related how director Rajkumar Hirani
came to her aide in those crucial days,

“My father was out of town when
he started feeling unwell, I had to fly him back. That evening Raju
sir texted me casually and that’s when I informed him that my father
had a stroke. Sir had earlier suggested that I take him at Hinduja
hospital, so we complied and took him there. That’s where we got to
know the gravity of situation, it was a major stroke my father had
suffered. Sir even put me through Dr. Ram Narayan who is heart surgeon
and CEO of Kokilaben. They took special care and got the best of Neuro Psychiatrist for Baba. Raju Sir was constantly in touch with me.”

PK filmmaker was not the only one who stood by Thakur, her director Nagesh Kukunoor too was there to support the family, Monali said,

“Nagesh Sir was constantly there every day calling and helping me. These two people helped me through my difficult time.”

Something the singer feels she will never forget, that’s Bollywood – a family of people who are there was each other.

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