Posted on February 20, 2015 at 4:38 am

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Dixi Patel gives you a Valentines Mix!

When ever I turn my head a new video pops up in my inbox or a tune and new sound and it’s fun to always listen to jams and covers you love! But with one upcoming artist your heart melts and especially this month as it’s Valentines Month! But no worries if you don’t have a partner then we always have ‘Bollywood’ covers! We love them and this one is something we guarantee you will love by ‘Dixi Patel’. Trust me you will start to melt as well if you are a Bollywood tune lover like us!

Dixi Patel who has opened up for Shreya Ghoshal decided to study for some exams and then thought to herself it’s Valentines Day soon, so why not do a mix by songs of hers! Well that she did and it turned out really good!


Shreya Ghoshal with Dixi Patel


Dixi who currently is pursuing medicine was in the mood to do a mix of love tunes and it turned out to be a very fun one! She told Urban Asian:

I honestly just was daydreaming one day in the middle of studying and had this epiphany to make a Shreya Ghoshal medley. It has been around 2.5 years since I opened up for her in Houston and I thought to myself, “Why had I never thought of this earlier…As I love all of her songs and idolize her so much. So then and there I just pulled up the note pad on my computer and jotted down all of my favorite songs of hers off the top of my head. Then I went through and kind of just thought of which songs of those I thought could mix/mesh well together. Some wouldn’t have flowed well with the others so I marked those out, but there was a good number of them that I knew would mesh together well. So once I had picked out my songs I just imagined how I wanted it to sound in my head and which lyrics I wanted to use of each song and it all kind of just fell into place. I just sat at the piano and created it within a few hours. Even some songs I didn’t think would mesh well, for example those that have a more minor feel versus major, but it worked out better than I expected! I’m glad I was able to incorporate all of my favorites into this piece. :)”

Now if that doesn’t inspire you to fall in love or go out and find your soul mate we don’t know what does! So check out Dixi Patel’s new video mashup as she plays on the keys and sings songs from the amazing Shreya Ghoshal!

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