Posted on March 6, 2013 at 1:48 am

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Bilz and Kashif ‘The Trinity’ – Behind the scenes look!

Yes folks. The Bilz and Kashif are going to melt our dils once again with this slow, sensual, soothing track, “I Wanna Make Love.” It is the latest track from their new upcoming album called ‘The Trinity,’ which releasing this Spring. Fans can now, not only listen to this beautiful track, but also watch the makings in their studio. It is a privlege for any fan to be able to see the hard behind-the-scenes action their favorite artist(s) puts into the music and magic enjoyed by so many. This is especially true for a group like The Bilz and Kashif because they have given nothing, but true hits to all of their fans around the world.

Here’s their say on it:

“The creative music recording process is one of the most amazing parts of the experience. The amazing behind the scenes studio session is a gift to our amazing fans for their loyalty towards The Bilz and Kashif. The video series will document the making of our forthcoming album The Trinity and we are very excited to share this with the world.”

Don’t forget to check out this exclusive behind the scenes footage of ‘I Wanna Make Love‘ right here and stay tuned to Urban Asian for new on the release of The Trinity this Spring!

Do not forget to check out this exclusive behind-the-scenes

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