Posted on January 25, 2013 at 10:59 pm

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Shweta Subram ft. Karthik – "PIYA" Video out now!

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Like other Shweta Subram fans, we’ve been patiently awaiting the big video release of “Piyaft. Karthik.  A few months back, Shweta teased her fans with news of the track, and since then, our curiosity has been at a maximum!  What’s very unique about this track is the way it was made.  Most tracks are created with all artists present, however, “Piya“, is a musical masterpiece created by Shweta Subram, Karthik, and Pravin Mani – all in cyberspace!

Shweta Subram shot to fame when she won Shankar Mahadevan’s singing competition!  Since then, she went on to floor the musical-duo Salim-Sulaiman who picked her to perform with them for IIFA 2011.  She has proven her singing prowess by impressing such musical stalwarts, and now, is ready to continue to impress her fans with her new release – “Piya“.  This track also features the South Indian powerhouse and winner of multiple Filmfare awards, Karthik. Music has been provided by Pravin Mani, a long term associate of the Oscar Academy Award winning music director A.R. Rahman.


Piya” is a musical masterpiece developed across global borders using creative and innovative measures to bring together three internationally renowned musicians and their vision.  A friendly Skype conference between Pravin, Shweta, and Karthik, and one simple hour was all it took to come up with the concept of “Piya“. They continued to work online between Chennai, Dubai, Hamburg, and Toronto to create an urbanized world-fusion track incorporating smooth classical singing by the talented duo laced with drums and bass grooves. A slick video featuring the artists and Canadian actors has been shot by the Canadian director, Pras Lingam.

Shweta, Karthik, and Pravin combine their diverse talents to bring forward a musical experience unlike any before. “Piya” has a series of firsts – it is Shweta’s first release featuring a singer from India, the first non-filmy Hindi track by Karthik, and the first official release through Pravin’s and Pras’ production house, Funky Maple Canada.  They say marriages are made in heaven – however, this marriage of talent and musical brilliance took place in cyberspace!

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