Posted on January 31, 2013 at 12:12 am

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Dirty Politics and Deewana Main Deewana launch!

Prafull Saklecha who is a producer and KC Bokadia planned press conference of two films- Dirty Politics and Deewana Main Deewana at Classique club in Andheri. Mallika Sherawat came on time for her press meet where she spoke to media regarding her role and working with KC Bokadia. She also told media that she has come specially from USA for this film. Then Govinda came to meet the press for his film Deewana Main Deewana. He also spoke about working with KC Bokadia and the release of film on 1st February 2013. Mallika Sherawat will be shooting for this film from 30th Jan in Indore. Today both actors came on dot time.K C Bokadia told media that he is very happy to be associated with Prafull Saklecha who showed great faith for the film.

pramod,K C Bokadia,Mallika sherawat,Prafull saklecha & bhatia

k c bokadia,mallika & prafull saklecha

Actress Mallika Sherawat has chosen promotion of her upcoming movie Dirty Politics over attending a party in US where President Barack Obama was also invited as it is the “most important film in my life”. She said she skipped the dinner at the party that was to be attended by Obama. “It is true…I was invited to a dinner in US. I had even confirmed that I was attending it. But then I got a call from K C Bokadia (director) that we have a press meet today. I had to make a decision….For me Dirty Politics is the most important film in my life.”

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“I remember making a comment that women are treated like cattle in this country but I received a flak for it. But that proved right with all rape cases etc… The way women are treated… I think I owe it to myself to be part of this film and I stand for it… For this story to be told to the public,” she told the press conference.

k c bokadia,govinda,pramod & prafull saklecha

govinda & prafull saklecha


Guess we will have to wait for both films to launch – till then here are some photos from the launch!

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