Posted on December 15, 2012 at 4:28 am

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Model Mehreen Syed stars in Abbas Hasan's next video!

We recently told you about French star Abbas Hasan who Habibi style with some Gangnam style track! Now Abbas is back for more and this time a brand new video release!

Rishi Rich’s French star ABBAS HASAN selects international supermodel Mehreen Syed as his leading lady for his upcoming single’s music video!

The model is an International supermodel and L’Oréal brand ambassador who is known for gracing the pages of VOGUE, Marie Claire and Time Magazine, and setting runways ablaze from Mumbai to London. But now the supermodel will be setting the screen on fire with Rishi Rich’s artist and protégé Abbas Hasan, better known for his Number 1 hit singles “Sona” and “Habibi” and for being counted in the Top 10 list of Most Handsome Asian Male Models in the UK. Well guess he just hit the jackpot with this model!

Abbas, who started his career as a model, has recently been working on an upcoming TV show as a male style icon and he will be sharing the screen with none other than Mehreen Syed, who’s counted as the Top 10 Sexiest Asian Woman in the world. A match made in music an fashion heaven! What more can you ask for! Two good looking people in a few number 1 hit singles sounds just about right if you ask us!

Abbas says:

“We met at a few shows and I love her work. My videos are all different and edgy and hers is as well. We really hit it off so it felt like a natural choice. Obviously she’s a stunner but really talented as well. And given that we’re both also headed in a filmi direction, I want people need to see her talent.”

The song is reportedly produced by Rishi Rich himself and his production protégé Naamless is also said to have worked on the track. The video is reportedly planned for February, so we can look forward to seeing Abbas and Mehreen sharing the screen early in the new year!

So where will Abbas be heading next or rather performing next?

Abbas will be performing in Germany, Canada and India next, where he will also be attending Zee Cine Awards and Filmfare Awards to represent his upcoming film. The new year seems to have a lot of new releases set for Rishi Rich’s artist. Is this another Number 1 hit on the way? Guess we will have to stay tuned for more!