Posted on August 11, 2012 at 11:16 pm


Backstage with Sanjoy Deb's "Tonight I Believe!"

Whenever his past mixes came out, we cautioned you that you would want to go out and dance the night away after giving them a listen. Well, the same goes with Sanjoy Deb‘s new mix- Tonight I Believe! Brilliantly made, it has reached beyond a 100K views in less than 10 hours!

Here is a personal message from Kunal Agarwal and Sanjoy Deb:

To be honest, it’s really been a great ride. No project is without failure and learning, and with a lot of new steps in this original project, we learned so much from sound design beginnings to the post-production stages. Above all, all of us involved in the team would like to thank anyone who took a chance and watched the video, the dance teams who have helped spread the word across the US, and the corporations who have helped us in making this dream a reality.

Take a look behind the scenes of Sanjoy Deb’s music video!

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