Posted on July 12, 2012 at 4:47 pm


Amit Sumal releases debut track, 'Chehra!"

Amit Sumal’s debut single,  ‘Chehera,’  is a soft ballad which Amit composed himself. Check out the music video for the beautiful song!

When meeting the lyricsist Sudhakar Sharma, Amit Sumal explained he wanted a more modern playful ‘Khabie Khabie’ style feel. Not to disappoint Sudhakar ji came back a week later with some wonderful lyrics. The song was originally recorded in a studio in Mumbai with an impressive ensemble of live instruments, including the mandolin, strings, bansuri, santoor, drums, dholaks, tablas and various guitars, but no piano and we felt it was one of Amit’s major selling points as a unique artist, hence, a second version was created.

Sumal went back to manuscript pad, modified the track and created a new ‘5 man band’ version of the song, in which he gathered a group of musicians, practiced and finally the song was recorded on ‘reel’ with his live session band. Both versions of the single will be available to the public shortly after his launch.

As well as his own compositions, Amit Sumal has worked with various other musicians including one of India’s best music directors, Gurmeet Singh. Their track ‘Karvatein,’ composed by Singh, will be Sumal’s follow up single to Chehera. The third track, which is a more up-tempo track, is called ‘Hiye Raba’ and is made in collaboration with one of the UK’s most popular music producers Jinx.


To learn more about Amit Sumal check out our previous post on the artist and stay tuned for more news on his upcoming tracks!

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