Posted on May 16, 2012 at 11:40 pm

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Kaly drops new tracks leading up to his new EP, "Rebel with a Cause!"

Jersey’s very own Kaly dropped a ton of tracks today showcasing his talent and gearing up for the release of his next EP, “Rebel With A Cause.” Using inspiration from the latest hits of the time, original tracks and some amazing collaborations with talented artists like New York’s rising singer Shilpa Narayan and UK artist RKZ, Kaly has concocted the perfect blend of tracks for his EP.

Starting off with Drake’s current heater The Motto, Kaly lets listeners know they need to pay attention to his wordplay (“25 spitting like a young Big L”) and not his skin tone.  Switching gears over to The Throne’s intro track No Church In The Wild, Kaly nimbly attacks the beat from various directions after a smooth introduction from his longtime collaborator and friend RKZ.


Finally, Kaly let’s loose with a verbal barrage on Rick Ross’s new banger Stay Schemin’.  One gets the feeling Kaly knows exactly what he’s doing when it’s time to put non-believers in their place, and the talent shines through on this track! Check out Kaly’s collaboration with the talented Shilpa Narayan on the track “Lovin” and let us know what you think!



“People are really about to be surprised by this new project, Rebel With A Cause,” said Kaly. “Speaking big of myself hasn’t ever come too naturally to me but I really think I got one with this project.  We’ve got two videos filmed, and two more to go, and then I think the people are going to have no choice but to listen; I’m hoping they’ve had enough gimmicks and wannabes, it’s about time they have a voice.


With one successful EP, The Flight, already under his belt, our anticipation is growing for his new project, which is slated to release in late summer. Check out Kaly’s facebook fanpage, his website, twitter page and catch all the amazing tracks on his youtube page right now!


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