Posted on December 24, 2011 at 8:30 pm

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MC Special – Ashiq Hogaya

Imagine being stranded in the desert or on an exotic island. The warm sun over you, beautiful ocean ahead, and steaming heat surrounding you. Or, perhaps you are being chased by a tiger in a jungle, except you are not alone. As the tiger runs after you, you run right into the arms of a hot and handsome stud – MC Special. No, it is not just a dream, but it’s certainly the scene of his hot new single “Ashiq Hogaya” which is out and available on itunes for download now.

MC Special has definitely come quite a ways as his first single had released back in 2003 and each track to follow has only been better. The new highly anticipated album called Still MC Special has been released and is available now. It features 11 hit tracks featuring the well-known artists Jaswinder Dhagamia, Bikram Singh, Manak-E, AV, Romesh Chohan, Ali Abbais, the late Kaka Bhaniawala, and more.

A list of the tracks are featured on his website alongwith all of his hit singles from the past. Stay tuned to check out more of this artist in 2012 as he takes our breath away with another year of fun-filled, dance tunes.

Check out the video here on UrbanAsian:

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