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Sullee J is back with another article "Conformity"

Rapper Sullee J is back with another article just for all of you!  You can still find his other article submissions on UrbanAsian by searching for “Sullee J”.  Read his latest below!

“Conformity: Remain you, and they will hate you. Do what they do, and they will praise you.” 

Conformity: ‘Remain you, and they will hate you. Do what they do, and they will praise you.’

By Sullee J 

Oh, deprived society, whom choses to be not yourself, rather, the person beside you. Oh, selfless and hopeless society, who choses to be someone there not to gain the acceptance of others. Oh, people of this world, have you truly awakened from your sleep, and decimated the wicked ways of the weak. The signs are content, consistent and reiterated, but unfortunately, so is your blindness. Why do you chose to fulfill the desires of those, who do not understand there own desires. Haven’t you learned yet, the world is a replica of your actions. Life will mimic your intentions in the people around you, for you to stay well aware of yourself. Do you not understand yourself? How come you try and learn the procedure of what’s in front of you, rather than what’s inside? Surely, God sees through your fabrication. You were placed in this world, not to be an example of others, but to set an example for the others. 

Have you ever asked yourself, what you thought was ‘real’? What you thought was ‘cool’? What you felt was ‘right’? Have you ever looked in the mirror and saw a different person looking back? Is the definition of cool, getting drunk, having sex, smoking weed, partying every weekend because your company says so? When is the last time you did something because you wanted to, and not because it would help you fit in? Why have we become so indulged into the fact that we have to look, act, and talk like everybody else in order for them to like us back? If they don’t like you how you really are, then is it a self-esteem issue? Why be fake and still associate yourself with people that don’t matter to? That does not only make you blind, but a hypocrite. This leads to the reason why our society has so many two-faces, or hidden identities.  Most of us are afraid to show who we really are and we get lost in two different life styles; one out side and one behind doors that no one ever knew. No wonder it has become hard to trust anyone out there. I’d rather have a foe who says that they hate me, than call someone a friend whose purpose is to put me down secretly.

Have you realized that being apart of the majority doesn’t make you strong anymore? We are living in an organized system which has deliberately drained the minds of individuals and made them believe everything they see. How can people claim to be original when almost everything about them is fictional. Why are most of the leaders we admire from the distant past? Is it because we don’t have many today? If we do, most of them turn out to be ill natured. They have conquered and divided. They have manipulated us into believing that we are crazy if we don’t follow there rules but normal if we submit. We have become victims of modern slavery. Ignorance is the new crack and a lot of people are on it. Only if people knew the true power of the muscle behind their own voice. Instead of jumping on every band wagon of the latest hollywood icon, we need to learn to think for ourselves. The society has degraded itself by making it’s own people less aware and fearful of becoming aware. There are so many different conspiracies and truths, people just stopped caring about trying to find out what’s real anymore. We are still trying to find out the truth behind 9/11, which happened over a decade ago. Clarity is needed in order to eliminate the mass hatred which it has created against a whole race & religion. Sadly, most people will believe whatever the boss aka TV says, which is the still the reason, that today a lot of my people are discriminated against today.

I find it depressing when I see many people who have been deprived of living how they want because society won’t accept it. To gain acceptance they slowly forget who they are, making it a forced habit to be someone they’re not. We are being lured into a lifestyle which we have no control over. Is conformity even an option anymore? Even though it is still your choice to be unique, most people can’t handle the pressure of having to fight against the crowd. If you don’t conform, it takes time to get your point across and most would argue that they don’t have time or want to live an “easy” life. Explain to me how things are easier, when you stop caring? It’s obscene how people are a part of the same crowd they claim they hate. It’s like living everyday as a contradiction. You hate how things are now but you’re the reason they are that way. If you are afraid of being yourself then what’s the point of being? Live your life how you want to, not because it’s how they want you to. Make your own decisions and choices. Don’t fall under the pressure of having to change yourself for anyone. It’s not your problem if they can’t accept you for being true to yourself. 

I will ask you one last thing before I end this article: “What is your definition of a real person?”

I believe that a real person is someone who can take themselves out of any situation, adjust to any situation and can refrain from being negative in the worst situation. A real person is someone who doesn’t conform, instead he continues to be his self in the crowd. A real person is one who wins the challenge against himself, a challenge against peer pressure, one who does not fall for temptation. A real person is one who says he did, after he does. A real person doesn’t pay attention to the ignorance, instead he gives attention to those willing to listen and understand. A real person never loses, he keeps trying. A real person understands that attitude and reaction can make all the difference. A real person understands patience does not mean waiting around, it means to take initiative first. A real person is one who believes in himself regardless of anyone who puts him down. A real person is one who knows better, by being the bigger person. A real person takes care of themselves, as well as others when he is capable of it. A real person substitutes anger with prayer. A real person will not judge you for your appearance. A real person understands the difference between intention and motive. A real person is someone who shines daily because of his faith. A real person is anybody who isn’t afraid to be themselves at any given time.

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