Posted on August 7, 2011 at 3:46 pm


Arminder Nahal ka "Gussa"

Don’t worry, the artist I’m about to introduce to you – Arminder Nahal – is not on his way to anger management.  “Gussa” is simply the name of his first official single, which will release August 18th on iTunes!  

Arminder is a talented musician & producer hailing from London and he’s been hard at work on his first release.  In fact, he spent the last year working towards his debut album, travelling to India to sit down with some of the best vocalists in the Panjabi music scene.  Arminder first broke through after delivering the reproduction of folk classic ‘Menu Apneh’ featuring the vocals of Diddar Sandhu & Amar Noorie.  The remix received a great response, achieving thousands of downloads via various media outlets. 

Following the success of this remix, Arminder has teamed up with Brit Asia Superstar finalist ‘Lucky Sidhu’ on this fun filled track – “Gussa”.  The single will be supported by a high quality video by Filmore Studios, which we will share with you as soon as it is released!

Watch the promo for ‘Gussa’ now:

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