Posted on May 20, 2011 at 3:22 pm


Taj-E and BEE2 get ready to drop "La Bhangra"

The Sound Pipe Records proudly present the upcoming release of ‘La Bhangra’ the follow-up track to the hit ‘Dar Lagda’. This time Taj-E and BEE2 are experimenting with Latin sounds to create a track ready to sizzle for the summer.

‘La Bhangra’ fuses the traditional Mexican folk song ‘La Bamba’ with traditional Punjabi lyrics and Bhangra beats. The track was initially part of a live set performed on tour in Mexico in 2009 and received an overwhelmingly positive response. It was then introduced to the UK Asian music scene when it featured on a Christmas Jam Session special aired on Brit Asia in December 2010. Again the track was an instant hit with audiences and the boys were asked to perform the track for live shows. The positive response was enough for the track to recorded and released.

The track features the vocals of Dhani, a London based singer, songwriter and guitarist alongside BEE2 with music produced by Taj-E. ‘We like to have fun with our music and change things up a bit. I wanted to do a track that’s completely different to Dar Lagda to keeps our sound fresh’ explains Taj-E. Finally, in true Sound Pipe style the music video accompanying the track creatively depicts the trio as Mexican outlaws wanted by the local Sheriff.

BEE2 explains, “I love my videos to stand out by being as creative as I can. It’s an opportunity to make visuals that people remember as well something that goes with the flavor of the track”. ‘La Bhangra’ featuring Dhani by BEE2 & Taj-E will be available to download from iTunes from May 26th,  2011. Watch out for the album ‘2 Sik N Twisted’ releasing soon on The Sound Pipe Records. In the meantime,  you can watch the promo video for ‘La Bhangra’ right here!

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