Posted on April 19, 2011 at 4:49 am

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Pree Mayall Officially Releases Highly Anticipated Album, “Me, Myself and Pree”

After much anticipation, California native Pree Mayall has finally officially released his first solo project, “Me, Myself and Pree.” This album was produced, sung, and partially written by Pree Mayall himself, and aims to encompass the full essence of a true artist.

Following the path of Pree Mayall and DJ Flawless’ top 25 world iTunes hit, “Sari Raath,” Pree’s next single “Jind Jaan” is sure to surpass all expectations of listeners and fans worldwide. Remember that one summer song with the catchy hook and the insane beat that you just could not get enough of? “Jind Jaan” is it in 2011. Except you won’t be able to get enough of this song (and this album) in any of the seasons. Plus, once you hear Pree sing, you’ll probably be wishing it was just you, yourself and Pree.

Written by the legendary producer Ranjit Dhaliwal, “Jind Jaan” is a perfect mix of modern and traditional sounds. So, make sure to head over to iTunes and download your copy of “Me, Myself and Pree” and get ready for the official “Jind Jaan” video to be released on April 29th!

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Check out his hit “Sari Raath” featuring DJ Flawless:

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