Posted on April 3, 2011 at 7:24 am


Manik ft. Bikram Singh – Stay true to your ROOTS

Roots” is the debut single from Manik – a NY based South Asian lyricist/doctor – featuring Punjabi Bhangra star Bikram Singh.

“Roots” relays the story an Indian (born to Indian parents) who grows up in Queens, NY and must learn to strike a balance in his life by embracing his own culture and life, while still assimilating into American culture.  The track is an homage to the struggles of the older generation of Indians, who paved the way for newer generations of Indians to succeed and live happily in the US.  At it’s core, “Roots” is a positive statement and reminder to us all that no matter where one sows one’s seeds of success, one must never forget one’s own culture and heritage.  That is – never forget one’s own roots!

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