Posted on February 22, 2011 at 8:14 am


Bol Punjab De – Episode 3 (ft En Karma)

Join Bol Punjab De as they sit down with En Karma, Vancouver B.C.’s premier bhangra band. The boys of En Karma – Ravi (dhol), Pip (drums), JP (dholak), Rick (bass) Nick (keys) and Inder (vocals) are all exceptional musicians in their own right. They write, record, and play everything as a collective, collaborating with only the select few who share their vision. Together, they have created a sound that strikes the perfect balance between traditional bhangra and contemporary fusion. You will find elements of rock, reggae and R&B in En Karma’s music, but from the backbone of bhangra they never stray.

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Track Listing:
1. Lembher Hussianpuri – Das Ja – Dj H Exclusive
2. Jasbir Singh – Tere Bajo ft.Hari-B
3. Gurdas Maan – Tumba Nahi Vajda
4. Aman Hayer – Aaj Nachna ft. Angrez Ali, Benny Dhaliwal & Dev Dhillon
5. En Karma – Anakh Naal Din Khatiye ft. KS Makhan
6. En Karma – En Karma Diyan Boliyan
7. Safri Boys – Par Lagade
8. Midland Djs – Tu Pateya ft. Daljit Mattu
9. Dhol Foundation – Desi Peni
10. Dark MC – Jadoo ft. Jaswinder Dhagamia
11. Shinda Shonky – Hathyar
12. Nacchatar Gill – Khada Oh Punjabi
13. Sarabjit Cheema – Pind Da Nazara
14. Amrit Saab – Sakke Bro

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