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The Two Best Motorcycle Routes in India

If you happen to be in India and you’re looking to explore the most beautiful nature that the country has to offer, there is only one way to go: doing a motorcycle tour. A motorcycle can be packed with all the things you need for the road, and you’ll be able to stop wherever you want. Make the tour a little longer, or shorter if needed; you’re free to do whatever you want if you explore India by motorcycle. 


Do keep in mind that you need to bring the right gear, and make sure you plan out your route before you go. This guide will help you explore two of the most beautiful motorcycle routes in India. Keep reading to find out what amazing landmarks these two tours have in store for you.

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Image by avalok sastri from Pixabay

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What Should I Pack?


The most important thing to pack is of course the right gear. You’ll need to consider the right types of motorcycle helmets. India can be dry and sunny in the summer, which is the best season to go on a motorcycle tour. It is, therefore, advisable to bring a motorcycle helmet with a sun visor, and perhaps even a peak to provide shade and protection from the sand. Also, take lots of well-ventilated and protective clothing, and extra thermal layers to add to your outfit in case it gets cold. 


Bring a GPS device and a map, as you might not have internet everywhere, and don’t forget to pack sufficient food and water. Besides that, bring some tools in case you need to do an emergency repair. There is nothing worse than to be stuck in the middle of nowhere, without internet, or tools to repair your bike. 

Where Should I Go? 


India has lots of impressive motorcycle routes, taking you through mountains, valleys, past traditional villages, and amazing landmarks. The following tours take more than a day, so don’t forget to book accommodation or bring sufficient camping gear. 

Manali to Leh – approximately 12 days


This is one of the most well-known motorcycle routes in India and you’ll be sure to run into other like-minded bikers and perhaps even some Indian celebrities on the road. This tour is best done in July, August, or September and is 1360 km long. The tour takes you through beautiful passes, such as the Khardung La, Rohtang La, Gulaba, and Darcha pass. Because the altitude for this ride is quite high, you’ll need sufficient thermal layers to keep warm. 


During this circular tour, you’ll start in Manali and pass by the following villages: Jispa, Sarchu, Leh, Nubra, Pangong, and Upshi, and you’ll end your tour in Manali, where you started. This tour features famous landmarks, such as the Hall of Fame, Magnetic hill, and Sangam. 

Manali to Spiti Valley – approximately 12 days


From Manila, there are other tours, such as this one through the Spiti Valley. This valley is a famous natural area in India and is covered in snow in the winter. It is, therefore, best to visit this area between May and July, when the roads are clear. This tour is 568 km long and will also require warm, thermal clothes. It is much shorter than the previous tour, but you’ll make many stops to admire all the beautiful landscapes and remarkable hot spots along this route. You’ll start your tour in Manali, and pass through the Rohtang Pass, the Kunzum Pass, Losar, Kaza and Delhi, Shimla, Narkanda, Kinnaur Valley, Tabo, and finally, you’ll end up in Kaza. 


You’ll see the amazing Himalayan Mountain range: a sight to never forget. Camping at Chandratal Lake is a popular activity along this route.


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