Posted on November 30, 2022 at 6:40 pm

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Best places to visit in 2023 (guide from the travel experts)

VIsiting Jordan for a perfect start of the year

Explore Cultural History – Jordan is a country steeped in rich cultural heritage and history, with archaeological sites that predate recorded history by thousands of years. Many of its cities were once centers of power and influence in the ancient world, such as Petra, Jerash, Ajlun Castle and Umm Qais. Visiting these places will give you an insight into the area’s past, while exploring markets and taking part in traditional activities like going to a hammam or enjoying a cup of Arabic coffee can help you gain a deeper understanding of modern-day Jordan. As well as boasting incredible historical sites, Jordan has some beautiful landscapes that are perfect for exploring.

Mykonos in summer!

Mykonos is a unique place that combines traditional Greek culture with modern luxury. It’s an island full of vibrant nightlife, amazing beaches and breathtaking views. Whether you’re looking for exciting activities, delicious food or simply some spectacular scenery, Mykonos has something to offer everyone.  The whitewashed streets and iconic windmills give the island its distinctive charm, making it a magical experience for visitors of all ages! You can explore ancient ruins like Delos and visit iconic landmarks such as the Church of Paraportiani. If you want to enjoy the Mediterranean climate, head to one of the many stunning beaches or take a boat tour around the islands. Mykonos has many attractions and if you are popular on any social platform, you should use this to your advantage. You need to get more TikTok followers to get a free stay at the top-rated hotels of the Mykonos.


Bhutan with its unmatched natural beauty

Bhutan is a country of unparalleled beauty and cultural diversity, making it an ideal destination for travelers looking to experience something truly unique. The stunning landscape ranges from subtropical plains in the south to high Himalayan peaks in the north, while its vibrant cities offer a wealth of culture, food, and entertainment. With friendly locals, pristine natural surroundings, and plenty of activities to keep everyone busy, Bhutan is an unforgettable travel destination. 


From majestic monasteries carved into cliff-sides to ancient Buddhist temples nestled deep within jungles and forests, Bhutan offers endless opportunities for exploration. Trekkers will be spoiled for choice with trails ranging from leisurely strolls through rice paddies to more challenging routes. 


Visit Alaska

Alaska is a unique place full of adventure and natural beauty. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider visiting Alaska, USA: 


  1. Wildlife Watching: With the vast open spaces and the abundance of wildlife in Alaska, it’s one of the best places to spot animals like whales, moose, bears, caribou, bald eagles and more in their natural habitat. 


  1. Natural Wonders: From glaciers to mountains, from hot springs to waterfalls – there’s something for everyone to explore in Alaska. Take advantage of some amazing hiking trails or take a boat tour around some incredible fjords! 


  1. Northern Lights: Perhaps one of the most popular attractions.


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