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Travelling to Europe? Here’s All You Need to Know about Schengen Visas

Schengen visa allows individuals to travel Europe The individual with a Schengen visa can also move to other member-states without the need to go through the process of identity checks at the border. There are various types of Schengen visas but the one that is most commonly applied is the short-stay visa. This allows the visa holder to travel/stay for a minimum of 3 months within a time of 6 months from the entry date printed on the visa.

Types of Schengen Visas You May Get


Type A Schengen visa – Airport Transit Visa

This type of visa allows people from non-Schengen states to visit the Schengen states. The people with this visa are allowed to stay in the international zone of any airport located in Schengen state while they wait for their connecting flight. It is mandatory for people who want to travel from one non-Schengen state to another and have a connecting flight in the airport located in Schengen state to get this visa. People with this visa are not allowed entry in the Schengen state and have to be restricted to the airport international zone.

 Type B Schengen visa

For people who plan on staying in any Schengen state for less than 5 days need to have this visa but now it has been replaced with a type C visa that also includes conditions of transit

Type C Schengen visa

Also known as a short-stay visa, it is the most common Schengen visa. It can be issued by any Schengen country to its citizens for the Schengen area. Its holders are allowed to stay or travel in all the countries included in the Schengen area for a minimum of 3 months within a time of 6 months without any restrictions. According to the requirements of the applicant, it can either be single-entry a double-entry or a multiple-entry.

 Type D Schengen visa

This is known as a long-stay Schengen visa. It is important to get this visa for anyone who wishes to study, work or stay on any Schengen visa for more than 3 months and a maximum of 1 year

 Schengen Visa Application Process 

In order to apply for a Schengen visa, you must contact the authorities of the consulate of the Schengen country you require a visa for. In case the country you want to visit does not have an embassy or consulate in your country then you will need to send in your application to any local authority that represents that country. 


Visa applications are also accessed by external service providers (such as VFS Global or TLS). They are authorized to receive the visa applications for the country which have given them authority.

Evidence documents you need to submit for Schengen visa?

The process of getting a Schengen visa can be complex. If you have any queries, you can contact an immigration lawyer and he will get you through the complete process without any problems. Best immigration lawyers in London have years of experience dealing with visa applications and hence know about all the legal matters to their core and provide best employment immigration services.

In order to get an appointment with the relevant authorities, you are required to complete your application file by gathering the following documents in it.

  •  A completely and correctly filled and duly signed application form
  • Two recent coloured photographs
  • A Xerox of passport that was issued less than 10 years before the date of submission and will be valid for 3 months before the requested visa expiration date.
  • A letter with an explanation of your reason of visit.
  • Proof of your return ticket booking
  • Proof of your accommodation arrangements
  • Proof of your financial source for the expenditure of your trip
  • A travel insurance certificate issued by the relevant authorities

Keep in mind that will a complete application file you will have better chances of having a successful meeting with the consular services

Cost of Schengen Visa

There have been changes in the charges of Schengen visas since February 2021. The updated charges are as follows:

  • A Schengen visa for an adult = $90.
  • 5-12 years old children = $45.
  • From newborn to less than 6 years old children: free 

Time to Apply For Your Visa

With the changes in immigration laws, you are allowed to send in an application for the Schengen visa, a maximum of 3-6 months before you plan to travel and a minimum of 15 days before the day you plan to depart. 


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