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Great Tips About Dubai to Kathmandu Flights You Should Know

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Dubai is one of the most visited cities in the world. The city attracts visitors for its unique, unforgettable experiences that are not comparable to other cities.  The most attractive factors include great shopping experiences in the largest eye-catching shopping malls, seven and five-star hotels. Other factors include desert travel, rich culture, nightlife experiences, and much more.

Great Tips About Dubai to Kathmandu Flights You Should Know
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Kathmandu also attracts numerous visitors every year. Its most attractive features include its rich culture, temples, multi-ethnic communities, trekking experience, mountaineering, wildlife, world heritage sites, etc.

Availability of direct flights connecting Dubai and Kathmandu

Flights connecting Dubai and Nepal via the route ensure a safe, fast and comfortable journey. Four airlines fly to Dubai and Kathmandu, with a total of 66 flights in one week. Connecting flights are usually cheaper than direct flights. However, long stopovers may occur if you choose connecting flights, resulting in additional costs when purchasing food and drinks. Other expenses include transport costs if you need to move from one airport to another. If you have booked the flight independently, you are responsible for your baggage. However, if the airline you are using does not offer direct flights, they will take care of your baggage and transfer it to the next airline.

The cost of Dubai  Kathmandu flights

The cost of a flight depends on whether it is a direct flight or an indirect flight, one way or round way flight. Indirect flights are 20% to 60% cheaper than direct flights. Return flights are also more affordable than one-way flights. Choosing a connecting flight can cost $432, while a direct flight costs $695. A one-way flight costs $1160 and a two-way flight $859.  It is vital to note that morning flights are also more expensive than evening flights. You can check the lowest prices by comparing the airlines operating within this route. Book your trip in advance, 45 days before to find cheap flights. May is the cheapest month to fly via this route.

The distance between Dubai and Kathmandu

The flight distance between Dubai and Kathmandu is 2897 km. The fastest airline takes at least 3 hours and 45 minutes and a maximum of 4 hours and 20 minutes to fly without stopping.

Popular airlines connecting Dubai and Kathmandu

The four airlines offering this route include Nepal corp, Fly Dubai, Himalayas, and Emirates. Most airlines operate direct flights, while Oman Air, Gulf Air, and Etihad Airlines are available for indirect flights.

The flight time  for the Dubai Kathmandu route

Dubai to Kathmandu flight time depends on whether a flight is direct, has a stop time, the speed of the aircraft, technical conditions, and wind speed during the flight time. The shortest flight time is a direct non-stop flight that takes at least 3 hours 45 minutes and a maximum of 4 hours 15 minutes. The fastest flight with a stopover takes an average of 6 hours. A stopover depends on the connecting airports and takes between 50 minutes and 21 hours. The connecting flight time can last up to 31 hours.

The airports serving the Dubai Kathmandu route

The main airports are Dubai International Airport DXB and Tribhuvan International Airport Ktm. Other airports in Dubai and Kathmandu are common for connecting flights.

Travel advice when traveling during a pandemic

Travel policies change constantly depending on the COVID-19 infection rate. Most airlines require you to have taken a COVID-19 PCR test 72 hours before your trip. Others need travelers to have health insurance that includes the COVID-19 treatment package. It is essential to familiarize yourself with travel policies with the airline of your choice before booking.

Airlines that do not charge for changing travel dates during a pandemic

Airlines usually charge you a fee to change the date of your trip. Confirm the costs with your airline if your trip changes during a pandemic.

Transportation from the airport to the cities

Dubai City is easily accessible from the airport by road, rail, and water. Significant modes of transport in Dubai include taxis, monorail trains, rental cars, and water boats. No one card is essential while traveling by public transport. Kathmandu can is accessible by road into the city center.


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