Posted on June 25, 2021 at 1:17 am

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Why Choose Alexandra Dhow Cruise while traveling to Dubai in 2021

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People travel to Dubai for different intentions, but on top of the list is the need to ride on a Cruise ship in the luxurious Dubai Marina. Whether you are a local tourist or visiting from another country, no matter how many times you visit Dubai Marina you still won’t have enough. The previous guest always comes back to get the same Cruise feeling again.

So, if you love the idea of going for an unforgettable floating restaurant experience in Dubai with your friends and family, we might have a solution for you.

The most memorable Cruise ship feeling would be one that combines delicious dinner with a contemporary setting but Alexandra Dhow Cruise offers much more.  It is among the top-rated floating restaurants with efficient customer service.

Here are some of the breath-taking experiences to expect while in Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina.

Friendly Staff

The staff in Alexandra Dhow cruise are not only professionals but also naturally friendly people who are always ready to help make your cruise experience the best. They also ensure all precautions are taken to keep you safe on board.

There are also some of the top-class chefs who are ready to give you an appetizing dinner experience.

Dinner Experience

 You can enjoy some of the sweetest and mouth-watering dishes while enjoying your ride and view, all you need is to peruse the menu for welcome drinks, starter, main dishes, salad, dessert, or beverages of your choice. Alexandra Dhow Cruise is among the few floating restaurants that allow alcohol on board, which is even better if you need some.

Sailing routes

Taking the best routes with amazing views is a top priority for the Alexandra Dhow Cruise to give you the ultimate cruising experience. The Cruise ship departs at 8:30 pm in the evening, this timing is strategic to let you enjoy the night view that is filled with beautiful glowing skyscrapers and sky after sunset.

The whole cruise experience takes about 2 hours and among the routes, you are likely to pass through includes the Dubai Eye and Blue Water Islands, Cayenne tower, Berth parking, and much more.

You can travel to have a floating restaurant experience during the winter months or at any time of year except June, July, August, and September. January and February are the busiest months because the city is usually full of activities: huge traffic of tourists and Dubai shopping festivals.


While enjoying your view and dinner, you will also be entertained by the super talented resident female vocalist and Tanura dancers. This service may change from time to time because of the government regulations that seek to fight the spread of the pandemic.

 Remember to always book with Alexandra Dhow Cruise early enough, and to always be at the boarding place on time to avoid missing your trip. This trip is designed for everyone and is affordable compared to many others in Dubai. The packages are designed for kids above 5 years of age and adults while kids below 5 years old cannot be charged.

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