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How To Write An Exciting Travel Essay

Traveling is a fun activity for a lot of people. It also has the potential to be a fun topic for your writing assignment. The good thing about writing a travel essay is that you don’t have to go through a lot of mental stress to make your paper creative. This ease is due to traveling usually coming with a lot of new and exciting experiences to share.  

Photo by <a href="">Annie Spratt</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Make no mistake; turning a travel experience into an essay can also be daunting. If you are not careful, you will create an article riddled with fillers and stereotypes about a location. The quickest way to bypass the stress involved in articulating your travel experience is by getting a professional essay writer to do it for you.

However, if you are willing to write your essay yourself, here are some writing tips to help you write a travel essay that will interest your reader(s):

Write about a destination you are fond of

When writing a travel essay, it is advisable to pick your favorite location. It is easier to write about a place that you love than the one you have vague memories of. If you can, you may take another trip to the location to gather more information for your paper.

If you enjoyed your time in a given location, you would most likely find it easier to avoid writing cliches. Your personal experience will prove insightful. Alternatively, you can write about a place in which you had an unpleasant experience. Your unpleasant encounter will also provide a fresh perspective about a location that other writers just cannot replicate.

Be concise and unique

Most countries have cities and regions that are major tourist attractions. So writing about all of them will make your essay bulky and unnecessarily wordy. Rather than highlighting all the tourist attractions that you visited, focus on a couple of them and discuss them extensively.

While avoiding fluff, you should also be unique. It is better to write about relatively obscure cities than to join the bandwagon and write about locations with a million articles dedicated to them. Remember that most people want to read about something new. Making your essay unique will help your submission stand out.

Discuss your motivations for traveling

Most times, when people travel, they are motivated by something or someone. Stating these motivations at the beginning of your article will help create a foundation for an immersive reading experience. A simple way to do this is to make your trip seem like a quest.

Stating your quest at the beginning of the essay gives your reader something to look forward to at the end. They will want to know if you achieved your goal. Explain how the journey started, what you were aiming to gain from it, etc. Your motivations can either be abstract or specific. An abstract cause could be “finding purpose,” while a specific one could be “to take a photograph at the pyramids of Giza.”

Photo by <a href="">S Migaj</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>
Photo by S Migaj on Unsplash

Introduce the Essay With a Compelling Paragraph, Sentence, Or Question

No matter how intriguing your motivations are, readers can easily switch off if you don’t get off on the right foot. Before you start the essay, pick your readers’ brains by keeping them on edge. Let the first line of your essay be compelling enough to keep your readers glued to their seats. It does not have to be anything complex. In fact, you should aim for simplicity.

An example of an excellent opening sentence can be: “I suppose I should have warned Rand.”

This kind of introduction will make the readers curious. They would be left with questions like, “Why should Rand be warned, and who is Rand?” These are the kind of openings you need to capture your readers’ interest. Note that if you start your essay with a question, you will have to answer it in your essay’s body.

Be relatable

While writing a travel essay, you are not expected to write as if you were preparing a press release. Instead, tell stories in some of the paragraphs to add creativity to your writing. If you can, do not make up these stories; let them be real. Essay writer free editing and plagiarism tools can be used to make your essay better.  Here is one company where you can write an essay writer from essayservice

You also do not need to tell a profound or incredible tale. You need to make your essay believable to score with the readers. Also, ensure that the story you tell connects with the entire report. If you don’t have stories to tell, you might as well share your experiences in a way that shows the reader how you felt at every point in your journey.

Keep it simple and friendly

Simplicity is vital when writing a travel essay. While it’s only natural for you to want to show off your writing skills, writing like Shakespeare may not be the way to go. Use simple words and always try to write with an active voice.

Remember that traveling should be a fun activity, so try to come off as friendly in your article. A handy trick is to try smiling while writing your travel essay. As quirky as it sounds, smiling will make you feel more relaxed, and this calmness will reflect in your writing. It’s like a refreshing wave that starts from your state of mind, echoes through your article, and ends up as warmth in the reader’s mind.


Travel essays are fun to write, so don’t be nervous when writing one. Even if you didn’t have a good time on your trip, you could still share it with people to learn from your ordeal. You will find that people are equally interested in keeping safe when traveling. When you use the tips listed above, writing a travel essay will be more comfortable for you, and the results more enjoyable for your readers.

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