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Arrange Your Flights Tickets When Travelling From Riyadh to Cairo

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Are you making arrangements to travel to Cairo this vacation with your friends? Are you looking for a cheaper price while booking your flight tickets? Well, if you want to book your flight tickets at a cheap cost and to enjoy basic amenities, then you should book the flights of Egyptair Airlines which is the popular airline operating in the industry. Passengers flying with Egyptair Airlines receive exceptional and outstanding services from them and have a comfortable and pleasant journey. Egyptair Airlines aims to satisfy their passengers with their marvelous services and enables them to book their flight tickets through an online portal.

Egyptair Airlines established in the 1930s offers exclusive and outstanding services to their passengers who are flying with them. The Airline covers 75 destinations across the world and aims to provide low-budget fare for those who love to explore the world. The Airline maintains the standard sets by IATA and due to its marvelous services, it has become an official member of Star Alliance. The total number of air routes serviced by Egyptair Airline is around 372 and covers popular destinations of the world. 

Photo by <a href="">alexey starki</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>
Photo by alexey starki on Unsplash

Egyptair Services for their Passengers

Book your flight tickets to Egyptair Airlines from an online portal to have a smooth and relaxed journey. Before booking your flight tickets, check the schedule of Egyptair Airlines whether they are operational on your travel day. The prices of Egyptair flights are less expensive as compared to the prices of other Airlines.

There are a lot of direct and indirect Egyptair flights traveling to Cairo from Riyadh. You can book flights according to your budget and duration. If you don’t have much time to travel in flight, then you should take direct flights which take less time in reaching the final destinations but you have plenty of time in your hand, then you must book indirect flights which take necessary halts before reaching the final destinations. 

It is advisable to book indirect flights which are less expensive as compared to direct flights. The best day to book your Egyptair flight tickets when prices are expected to be low is on Tuesday. The approximate cost of traveling from Riyadh to Cairo in Egyptair Flights is 778 SAR. However,  the price may vary based upon travel dates. 

Egyptair flights can be booked through an online portal and it allows you to do web check-in 2 days to 90 minutes before your departure. While making arrangements for your flight tickets, you can check for the facilities offered for the Economy Class, Business Class, and First Class and book your tickets as per your budget. While booking your Egyptair tickets, you can select seats as per your choice so that you don’t have to sit away from your friends.

Photo by <a href="">alexey starki</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>
Photo by alexey starki on Unsplash


The Economy Class of Egyptair Airlines offers exceptional services to their passengers such as magazines both from Egypt and the world. They allow passengers to bring their source of entertainment such as mobile phones, laptops, iPad, and much more. The airlines provide comfortable and relaxed seats for the passengers to have a pleasant journey. 

If you are traveling in Business Class, then you can enjoy the basic services available in the Economy Class but, apart from that, you can convert your seats into relaxed beds, vast varieties of food and source of entertainment. However, if you are traveling in First Class, the airlines offer you premium seats that are easily converted into beds, rich varieties of food as per your order, and personal TV screens for your entertainment.

Details for Egyptair Baggage Allowance 

If you are traveling with Egyptair Airlines, it becomes important for you to note down the necessary guidelines for Baggage Allowance. The maximum luggage which you can carry in Economy Class Egyptair Platinum, Silver, and Gold members is up to 23 kgs and one extra bag. The maximum luggage for Economy Class Star Alliance Gold Members is up to 23 kgs and one extra piece. 

The maximum baggage allowance for Business Class Egyptair Premium, Silver, Gold members is 2 bags of up to 8 kgs. However, the maximum luggage allowed to carry in First Class Egyptair Platinum, Silver and Gold members is one bag up to 32 kgs and one extra piece.

After reaching the Cairo Airport, you can make use of an exclusive and wide range of facilities such as WI-FI, ATMs, Business Centre, Money-Exchange Services, pharmacy and much more. If you are prone to smoking, then you can go to designated smoking rooms as smoking is not allowed in public places. You can relax and freshen up by making use of lounge services which are fully equipped with Wi-Fi, prayer room, games rooms, and beverages. 

The shoppers can access the International brands, clothes shops and books shops which are situated at the Airport. To travel to your hotel in Cairo, you can book a cab, rent a car or you can pick up the bus from terminal 1 to reach your hotel. The approximate distance from Cairo Airport to Central Cairo is about 11 miles which you can cover by making use of available transport services. The estimated cost of transportation in Cairo is 1.20 SAR whereas the food cost must be around 19.14 SAR in Cairo.

Apart from gathering details related to flight connectivity of Egyptair Airlines, you can get a detailed insight into the popular attractions of Cairo. If you wish to know the historical attractions of the town, then you can visit The Pyramids of Giza, The Great Sphinx, Pharaonic Village and Salah El-Din Citadel but if you are a crazy shopaholic, then you can visit the beautiful malls which are situated in Cairo and spend the best of your time with your husband. You can go to City Stars Mall, Mall of Egypt and Mall of Arabia where you not only find beautiful souvenirs but also tasty and rich food in the popular restaurants and cafes of the town.

So, book your Egyptair flight tickets to have a smooth and serene journey.

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