Posted on December 21, 2020 at 4:25 am

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What is the Luckiest Country to come from?

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You must have traveled to some countries that possess beautiful environments, but if not, you probably have come across a conversation or a journal covering stories of charming countries. Every country has its unique features, but others have truly exceptional sceneries. While someone could be enticed by an online casino, another will be looking at the attractions. Here is the list of the luckiest countries to live in, and India, to the surprise of many people, happens to make it to the list for various genuine reasons.


With a population of about 23.13 million, Australia boasts some scarce animals like kangaroos and beer, and it may seem controversial, but there are more kangaroos than people living in Australia. Did you know that Australia is entirely a flat country? Surprisingly, it also claims the most significant number of online gamblers in real casinos globally.

The country has extensive geographical coverage and over 200 languages spoken. About 91 percent of Australia is covered by vegetation, which translates to nearly 7 million square kilometers of land. Melbourne Victoria is home to the largest Greek population worldwide apart from Athens in Greece. The largest number of Australians live around the coast within 100 kilometers, making Australia the world’s most urbanized coastal habitation.


India is home to 01.35 billion people while also offering diversity in cultural, religious, and ethnic groups. The country also hosts a dynamic culture, Bollywood films, and beautiful celebrations. There are thousands of spoken languages in India. Also, the country’s large population contributes to the fastest-growing number of online casino users in the whole world.

Talk of scenic beaches in Goa and Andamans, beautiful mountain ranges which turn out to be the highest in the world, deserts of Rajasthan, and the incredible mangroves of the Sundarbans, India is a wholesome environment to dwell in considering all these offers. For those who love wildlife, India is a haven. Vegans and vegetarians have a broader choice in India more than anywhere else in the world.


Switzerland is the mine for chocolate, but far from that, the country has endless exciting things. If you ever thought of owning a guinea pig, they are plenty in Switzerland. There are over 1,500 lakes, but these lakes’ banks can never surpass the number of coffee shops. Four languages remain to be nationally spoken, including German, French, Italian, and Rhaeto-Romantsch. Teaching in Switzerland is the most paying career, with a Swiss teacher earning AUD 91,000 annually as of 2014.


Norway makes it to the list of the luckiest countries in the world due to several reasons. With a population of about 5.084 million, Norway is among the wealthiest countries across the globe. It has a very odd style of accommodating its people, but it has trendy names in the midst of that. Apart from being voted the least likely country to be affected by climate changes, it is the most peaceful country to live in. most people think salmon sushi is traditional to Japanese. Still, Norway introduced it to the Japanese in the 1980s. The island-prison in the country imprisons the worst criminals but offers them the freedom to do almost everything they wish within the island. How Norway did not qualify for the lowest re-offending rate in the world is still a mystery, but it indeed is in Europe.

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