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Instrument 101: Electric Guitars

A great deal of people will say that no other instrument can be synonymous with a musical genre like an electric guitar. From rock, metal, to jazz and country, electric guitars can convey a sense of emotion and passion. These instruments have proved to be musically significant since their invention years before. So for today, we will discuss all there is to electric guitars. We will answer questions, such as what is an electric guitar? How is it different from a traditional one? Is an electric guitar available online? We’ll learn all of this and so much more. So get ready to pluck and strum, but don’t smash any guitars as you read along, you rock star, you.


What Exactly Is An Electric Guitar?

An electric guitar is an instrument that creates sounds by vibrating a set of strings over a pickup. The pickup then will convert the vibrations into electrical signals that go through an amplifier. An electric guitar is quite similar to a traditional or acoustic one, although there are plenty of obvious differences. We’ll cover those shortly. There are two primary types of electric guitar: archtop and solid body.

  • Archtop electric guitar

Archtop electric guitars are similar to their acoustic counterparts. They still have that hollow sound compartment where a block runs through the middle. Although the sound compartment creates sounds, you can still hook the guitar up with an amplifier.

  • Solid-body electric

If you want to rev up your music scene, go for the most popular type of electric guitar, the solid-body electric. As the name suggests, a solid-body electric is compact and solid all the way. It does not have a sound chamber.


Are Electric Guitars Ideal For Beginners?

The answer depends on what you feel like playing overall. You have to take note if an electric guitar or acoustic guitar will make you pick either one up and start playing. Remember, you will play – a lot – and that means you should be happy and comfortable with what you choose. Choose one that will motivate and inspire you to become a better musician.


The Advantages Of An Electric Guitar

Picking up an electric guitar is one step closer to reaching your dreams. Luckily for you, there are a lot of benefits when it comes to playing such an instrument.

  • Easy to play

Electric guitars are easier to play than their acoustic counterparts. You don’t have to worry about thick strings and guitar necks. You will be more comfortable with an electric guitar if your hands aren’t used to fretting. 

  • Volume control

Another advantage of electric guitars is the volume control feature. Acoustic guitars make classic and lovely sounds, but there is no way to control them completely. Electric guitars do not have this issue at all. 

  • Custom sound effects

You can set up custom musical effects on your electric guitar, unlike acoustic ones. This perk allows you to get creative with recordings and experimentation with various sounds effects. 

  • Connectivity

You can connect your electric guitar to other electric musical instruments and computers via MIDI. If you have no idea what that is, MIDI is the leading standard that connects musical software and hardware together.


I Would Like To Buy One, But Where?

There is no shortage of music outlets out there. You can opt to visit your local mall to see if there’s one there. Or you can commute around town – you’ll definitely find a music store and other sights you might not have known were there. That’s two birds with one stone.

However, if traveling is not your cup of tea, there is another option. You can head online to kick off your guitar shopping needs. The internet will be your best friend. Plus, you will have all the websites and platforms that sell electric guitars and other musical equipment available to check anytime. 


So How About Costs?

It depends on what you want. Find out on the checklist below:

  • Low-end starter electric guitars will cost around $150 to $250.
  • Average ones will cost you at least $500.
  • Intermediate guitars start at $350 to $1000.
  • High-end options begin at $1200 onwards.
  • Professional electric guitars cost more than $2400.

You will also have to pay for accessories and other equipment to get you started. Such items include a metronome, amplifier, headset, speakers, and so on.


Some Tips When Playing An Electric Guitar

We are through with the basics. So now here we have some tips that will help you as you learn more about electric guitars.

  • Take some time to check what gear is comfortable with you. You don’t want to play on an electric guitar that is heavy and unpleasant to your eyes.
  • Learn how to use a guitar amplifier. That is the next step when it comes to playing electric guitars.
  • Listen to your favorite singers and musicians. 
  • Start with online lessons. Doing so will save you some cash.
  • Get your hands on a metronome. A metronome will allow you to practice solos with precision and timing.
  • Play with your other musical friends. You will learn a thing or two with them.
  • Keep on practicing. Nothing beats practice. Plus, the more you do it, the better you will get in the long run.



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