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Maps of Grena Free Fire

“Garena Free Fire” is an exciting battle royale game with exciting gameplay. The game is played in a third-person narrative. The game is pretty much similar to the likes of PUBG (PUBG for PC isn’t free and the best way to get it is to find the cheapest PUBG cd key) and COD mobile. If we compare it with other battle royales, Free Fire is fast-paced. The game time is also less as compared to other games because the amount of participants is restricted to 50. Usually, a match lasts for 10 minutes. Kill all other individuals or teams and win the match.

Maps are an essential part of any battle royale game. Players formulate their strategies according to the map. 

Player IDs:

The player id of the players keeps getting with the time. Every time a player wins a game, the credentials of the id get better. Online accounts of the game are available online. You can always buy Garena Free Fire account and skip all the grinding.


Three interesting and exciting maps are also provided by the developers of the game. We are here to discuss them.


“Bermuda” is the most played map out of all maps of the game. Gamers prefer to play on this map because of its interestingly designed whereabouts. Though the map is smaller in size, it fulfills the needs as it is enough for 50 participants.

The name “Bermuda” is named after a country located in Central America. The locations of the map are inspired by various locations including Latin America, the Pacific, and some other places.

Locations included in this map are:

  • Bimasakti Strip
  • Pochinok
  • Peak
  • Clock Tower
  • Katulistiwa
  • Mars Electric

There is separate importance of each location on the map. Some are high loot points and are popular with player sites.

So, if take all the factors into account, Bermuda is the best map for beginners to learn the game as well as pro strategists.


After the Bermuda map, Purgatory was the second map introduced by the developers. The map is unlocked once the player reaches level 5. Due to this level restriction, it was not that much popular among players. It was removed from the map. But after facing reactions from players, it was added back in the game with unranked mode.

This map is based on tropical regions. Locations on this map are:

  • Brasilia
  • Campsite
  • Central
  • Crossroads
  • Forge
  • Fields
  • Fire Brigade
  • Golf Course

The most attractive thing about this map is the presence of numerous zip lines at various locations on the map. Various points of the map are connected through these zip lines. There is a large river in the map that divides the map into three different sections. There is also sufficient loot on this map.


Developers of the game added the Kalahari map as the latest edition in the game. Kalahari desert is the base of this map and it is quite different from both above-mentioned maps. The map is more popular among the snipers because of its built. 

There are various maps present on the map. Some of them are:

  • Refinery
  • Command Post
  • Old Hampton
  • Shrines
  • Foundation
  • Bayfront
  • The Sub


The vibe of this map is quite different from other maps and players enjoy playing on this map.

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