Posted on April 1, 2021 at 11:45 pm

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What is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) and why should your company use one?

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These days, companies are relying more and more on tech and the internet for their day-to-day operations. With data becoming such an integral part of business and commerce, firms are using the internet for everything from their company website to communications, storage, processing, and collaborative working apps. 

Data powers our modern world but, for many companies, the idea of installing, hosting, and maintaining an IT network is an intimidating and prohibitively expensive prospect. However, where once companies had no option but to invest in costly servers and IT staff, there is now a new, far more affordable, and effective option open to firms – namely, the concept of the Managed Service Provider (MSP).

Photo by panumas nikhomkhai from Pexels
Photo by panumas nikhomkhai from Pexels

Managed Service Providers (MSP) – a definition

In essence, an MSP will take over all your IT requirements and run them remotely over the internet. These tasks can run from anything like online storage and backup facilities in the cloud to offering powerful remote processing power and even network security. 

A skilled MSP will first evaluate your IT requirements by closely studying your current use of web services, then build a tailored solution to your needs. They will take a proactive approach to your IT provision, identifying potential problem areas or security issues. In short, they will look after your entire IT services, allowing you to concentrate on your business rather than your network provision. 

The considerable benefits of partnering with an MSP

Not so long ago, firms had no option but to run their IT networks in-house. Not only could this prove problematic from a logistics point of view, it often left companies wide open to security breaches caused by working with inferior technology or, worse yet, unskilled in-house staff that didn’t realize the significant potential dangers posed by storing data digitally.

With the rise of MSP service provision, coupled with vastly superior connection speeds, all companies (big or small) can take advantage of the considerable skills offered by professional IT providers. Other advantages include:

  • Huge cost reductions and a guarantee of the latest, safest equipment
  • 24/7/365 support as and when you need it
  • Scalability to upgrade or downsize service provision at the flick of a switch or just a quick call to your support department
  • The flexibility to allow remote working and mobile access for your staff working from any location in the world
  • The peace of mind that can only be offered by working with skilled IT professionals
  • Backup security provision as standard – with technicians capable of identifying problems before they even happen 

In short, if your company operates in any way online and relies on tech to function, there really is no better option than to work with a professional MSP.   

Companies that benefit most from working with an MSP

Unfortunately, there is a widely-held belief among many companies that they are too insignificant, small or have too low a turnover to be the subject of an attack by cybercriminals. Actually, the complete opposite is true and the growth of attacks against Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in recent years has been worrying. 

Since smaller firms have a tendency to view their online security almost as an afterthought, they often shy away from investing in suitable safety precautions of provisions. With an MSP, online safety and services can become an affordable, useful addition to even the smallest of companies. 


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