Posted on February 3, 2021 at 2:56 am

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10 Mobile Games That Are Taking India by Storm

Let’s get one thing off the bat straight away, the year 2020 has been somewhat of a downer. The pandemic which started its life in China made its way across the borders and beyond. India was also affected by the virus and continues to be in a state of lockdown making it difficult for Indians to carry out their lives as before.

With the lockdown, Indians were forced to find creative ways to fill their time and a lot of them turned to their trusty mobiles to kill boredom. In this article, we recommend 10 mobile games that you should download on your Android or iOS devices that will aid in killing time.

Angry Birds

Yes, we understand that this game is now over a decade old but in our opinion, the appeal of shooting birds at helpless pigs remains as enjoyable as ever. Several variations of the game have come along with brands such as ‘Star Wars’ also jumping on the bandwagon. The game has stood the test of time and is easy to get straight into.


Blackjack is fairly popular with the Indian audience. The goal of the game is to get as close to the number 21 as possible. The good news is there are several online casinos where you can play online blackjack in India.

Two Dots

Do you remember playing this game using a pencil and paper? The aim of the game is super simple and requires you to create squares while connecting dots. With modern technology, color plays an important role and you are required to make boxes of the same color. The game throws some twists and turns and gives you power-ups that you can use along the way, making it more enjoyable than its pen and paper counterpart.


Another ‘golden oldie’ on the list. Tetris has been going strong for nearly three decades and the premise remains the same. You are faced with different size blocks coming down on the screen and it is your job to fit and connect them as well you can. It sounds simple but trusts me this game requires quite a bit of forward-thinking.

Bottle Flip

As you can tell by the games listed so far, the premise is always simple. In this case, the title gives away the core gameplay which involves flipping a bottle to a point that it lands safely on its base. Now, this can get a tad boring at the beginning, but this is where the different levels of difficulty come into place. As you progress in the game, the bottles become more unstable making it more difficult to land them without knocking them over.

Words with Friends

This is a scrabble-based game that lets you test your vocabulary with friends. You are presented with a set of letters and are required to come up with as many words as possible. This can be played against friends or even strangers. If you don’t want to bother with either, then you can even test your intelligence against the computer.

Mini Metro

A game perfect for the Indian audience who are all too familiar with the concept of commuting. In this game, you have to draw train lines to connect different stations. Perfect for those obsessed with all things related to planning and efficiency.

Crossy Road

Do you remember the game ‘Frogger’ on the Atari? Yes, we understand that came out a few decades ago for you youngsters out there but with Crossy Roads, the aim is the same which is to cross the road without getting run over by trains, trucks, cars, and even some oddball characters.

Temple Run 2

A game that requires no introduction. A sequel to the highly popular Temple Run which is a free-running game. Your character must collect as many coins as he runs past and ducks under and also jumps over obstacles. Also, did we mention that you have a huge monkey chasing you as you try to get a high score?

Punch Quest

Another free runner on the list albeit a more violent version than Temple Run. In Punch Quest You are required to run from left to right while punching enemies as you go along. You will receive power-ups, health pickups that will be valuable when facing highly comical boss characters.

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