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How to Utilise the Best that Tech-Driven Entertainment has to Offer

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Technology is changing our everyday lives at a rapid pace, taking over even the most rudimental activities to make them faster, more efficient, and more user-friendly. Across the world, particularly in nations like India and China, smartphones are dictating the modern trends in accessible technology adoption. As they grant access to the internet and a tremendous range of mobile-optimized apps, they’ve become the go-to devices for work and entertainment, with the latter being the more exciting of the options.

Here, we’re exploring the very best tech-driven entertainment offerings on the market, honing in on those that offer you the best value for money, the best exclusive options, and the apps that push the tech built-in to your mobile phone.4

Getting the most out of video streaming


One of the biggest emerging markets for online streaming – despite already having several hundreds of thousands of mobile users – is India, where so many local and international big-name brands have weighed-in. A mass amount of competition is always beneficial for consumers, as brands are forced to drive prices down and add additional benefits.

With the likes of Movistar and Netflix going big, it’s actually Prime Video that arguably has the best offering. For the equivalent of $13.30 per year in India, per Tech Crunch (while it costs $119 per year in the United States), Amazon Prime subscribers of India gain access to the latest exclusive Bollywood and regional blockbuster movies as well as Hollywood hits and original Prime series.

Furthermore, if the vast Prime Video selection wasn’t enough, the subscription also includes free one-day and two-day delivery from the Amazon retail site, free unlimited Prime Music, free content for mobile games via Gaming with Prime, and free Prime Reading. It’s a lot of different entertainment options that can be enjoyed from smartphones, all wrapped into one great-value subscription.

Finding the best that casino gaming has to offer

Asia has long been touted as the next frontier for online casino gaming platforms, and now that technology like smartphones is becoming more widely adopted, many platforms have started to offer their services across the continent. Now, there’s a wildly competitive space for gaming, forcing operators to come up with new, inventive, and innovative creations to offer players the best experience possible.

It’s this need to embrace the tech and appeal to the billions of people across Asia that led to the revolutionary creation of Royal Panda Branded Megaways. It plays as a slot game, with each spin looking for wins from symbol combinations. However, what’s different about this exclusive Megaways game is that it takes place in the Royal Panda’s home, with the way that the reels are stacked offering up to 117,649 ways to win on the spin.

The assorted stacks of uneven tiles on each of the six reels allow the slot to feature multipliers of up to x32, eccentric wild symbols, free tumbles after wins to find more wins, and a jackpot prize of up to 40,000x your bet. As the latest of boundary-pushing new games, Royal Panda Branded Megaways is proving to be a popular addition at the mobile casino site.

The tech-push app for fun topping the Play Store rankings

<span>Photo by <a href="">vickie vj</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a></span>
Photo by vickie vj on Unsplash

Source: Unsplash

In the Play Store, the app store which caters to Android devices, the most downloaded apps are notoriously the free apps. In the entertainment section, however, many of the best games and fun experiences charge a small upfront cost. The finest example of this is the top-charting paid app in India, Ultimate Ghost Detector.

A mighty app, Ultimate Ghost Detector utilizes all of the fundamental tech that’s built into smartphones and uses it to create a fun ghost-detecting entertainment app. Using the mobile’s sensors, those who seek the paranormal can make the most of the EMF Detector and Recorder, its compass, a 2D radar, and several detection bars and readers to discover if there are any ghosts or entities in the vicinity.

With a smartphone in your hand, you can enjoy some truly top-class entertainment platforms, including ones for just about all media, casino gaming, and even for the exploration of the paranormal.

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