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Three Different Types of Apps that Provide Online Entertainment

In terms of popular entertaining apps, TikTok has been at the forefront of most downloaded app lists throughout 2020. TikTok has been entertaining audiences across the world, but it has been banned in India, with potential bans coming from other countries. If you are looking for a different source of entertainment, then there is a variety of alternate apps available that could be of interest. Let’s look at three alternative entertainment apps.

Among Us

This detective game has become a worldwide craze and it can provide some serious entertainment whether you are playing alone or with a group of friends. The game consists of 10 players, made up of 9 ‘crewmates’ and 1 ‘imposter’. The aim of the game is to try and figure out who is the imposter among the group. The imposter’s aim, however, is to wipe out the rest of the group without being caught. Once a body is found and reported or an emergency meeting is called, all players will get the chance to discuss who they think the imposter is via chat. Players then vote who they think is the most suspicious, and whichever player receives the most votes is then voted out the game.

Among Us has proved popular with streamers, with it currently being one of the most streamed games on Twitch. The game is playable on mobile or through Steam on PC. Whether you just want to jump in for one game or sit and play for hours, Among Us is a good option for mobile entertainment.

Three Different Types of Apps that Provide Online Entertainment

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William Hill

If you are interested in games of chance including roulette, blackjack, and slots, then the William Hill app could be a good source of entertainment. William Hill offers players the ability to play through a web browser or through their mobile app, giving you access to whether you are on a PC, smartphone, or tablet. There is a range of online casino games available to play, as well as bingo and poker. There is also a sportsbook if you are interested in betting on live sporting events, and there is a live casino that offers an authentic casino table game experience from the comfort of your home.

Online casino games can be a good source of entertainment as they aren’t time restrictive and you can play for as long as you want.

Three Different Types of Apps that Provide Online Entertainment

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If you enjoy online quizzes such as our own Bollywood knowledge quiz, then Sporcle may be an app that suits your entertainment needs. Sporcle allows users to create and upload their own quizzes and there are quizzes available for almost any topic you can think of. Sporcle quizzes typically have the format of giving users a time limit to list all answers. A popular example is the countries of the world flag quiz, which gives users 15 minutes to be able to look at and name as many countries’ national flags as possible. You can access Sporcle through the app or through a web browser depending on your preference.

These three apps are just some of a range of alternative entertainment apps for when you find yourself at a loose end or just want to relax. There are plenty of different types of these apps to suit everyone’s needs available for both Android and iOS.

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