Posted on January 20, 2021 at 4:12 am

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How COVID-19 has forced people to go into a meltdown

The COVID-19 crisis is certainly going to be remembered as one of the worst challenges to human civilization in the coming years.

A Mental Health Crisis As Is: A Fall-Back Plan
Mental Health

The world has to particularly prepare themselves to be able to handle an imminent mental health crisis. 

The Coronavirus pandemic brings with it, large-scale behavioral change and places significant psychological burdens on individuals. The isolation, anxieties, social distancing, and paranoia in and the around domestic spheres with 20% spike. Now, a Suicide due to corona is a possibility, with an Indian guy being the first.  Professionals have warned about suicide due to corona as a rising problem.

The Homeless persons with Mental illness, women though vulnerable to the most difficult risks. Remain last in the queue, in times of crisis.

The access to essential supplies, transit accommodation, and food supplies though opens a paradigm for survival. But if the situation is really unfolded with paranormal lenses.

The crisis has forced the persons with special needs into an unanticipated mental health crisis. However, the quality of life was strongly associated with unmet needs. In the area of mental and physical health and rehabilitation and not related to satisfaction with the services.

Food insecurity predicts psychological distress in poverty. An important factor for those who can’t buy food or avail of middle-class resources during disasters.

Psychologists have said that the availability of public healthcare, medical resources, social support, and self-control are strong protective factors. That is against declining mental health emerging from pandemic lockdowns and quarantines. Learn more about psychologists, and what they can do for you, on

However, it is pertinent to understand how the law has dealt with Mental health as of today. The Mental Health Care Act, 2017is enacted to provide for mental healthcare and services for persons. Mental illness and to protect, promote and fulfill the rights of such persons. During delivery of mental healthcare and services.

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